Software User Test for SmartCJK for Smartphone WM5 / WM6.

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    Software User Test for SmartCJK for Smartphone WM5 / WM6.

    We have recently added the support of WM6 standard and WM5 Smartphone compatibilities to SmartCJK, which is Korean language support software for Smartphone. We’d like to hear from valuable users the about SmartCJK compatibilities for various devices.

    * Requirement
    1. Users who own WM5 for Smartphone or WM6 Standard smartphone and have good knowledge and experience of Smartphone
    2. The smartphone should be with English ROM or other western European language ROM.

    * Application valid for: Aug. 22 ~ 29, 2007

    * How to Apply: Please send an e-mail directly to information below.
    1. Name
    2. Country
    3. DIOTEK user ID
    4. E-Mail
    5. Model name of the Smartphone (Ex. Samsung SGH-i600)
    6. Operating System (Ex. WM5 or WM6)

    * Number of Testers: 1 or 2 testers for each kind of device.

    * Reward
    For those who submit the Test Report with each field marked by Sep. 10, 2007, activation code of registered version will be provided.

    For those who are selected to SmartCJK User Test Program, email notice will be given to each user on Aug, 31, 2007 with Test Report Form.

    For more inquiry, please contact by E-mail to

    - Korean Language Support “SmartCJK” -
    SmartCJK - Korean Support for Smartphone WM5/WM6 is the first Korean enabling software for your Smartphone. SmartCJK enables you to read Korean texts in emails, web pages and document files with your Smartphone. For more information, please visit

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