So I'm pretty happy with the Q...BUT...

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    So I'm pretty happy with the Q...BUT...

    I was a relatively happy Treo 700w user since the week they hit the market, but I always love the latest gadgets, so I unloaded my Treo and picked up a Q. Overall, I'm VERY happy with the device. The size is AMAZING...I sometimes sit there with it in my hand and seriously wonder how they're able to make it as slim as it is. It's nice to go from having a massive bulge in my pants pocket (Treo) to barely noticing anything at all (Q). The call quality is excellent, the Bluetooth capabilities are a big upgrade, and I actually prefer not having a touch screen for the most part.

    Now here are a handful of critiques that have been annoying me. My objective here is to post them in the hopes that some of you might better educate me and show me that I'm simply not doing something right. Here goes:
    1. When I hit the Start button to see the Start menu, I'm disappointed that there is no way to quickly/easily navigate to specific icons. With the Treo, if I wanted to launch the Calculator, I could hit the Start button, then the letter "C" and it would take me to the first icon/application starting with the letter "C." I would push "C" again, and it would take me to the next application starting with that letter. I find it annoying that I have to use the 5-way button or thumb wheel to scroll all the way through the icons to get where I want to go.
    2. Outlook e-mail folders. In addition to my work e-mail (Active Sync), I added two POP accounts to Outlook. What drives me nuts is that even when I go to the "Manage Folders" screen, I can't add new folders to the list. All of my received mail just sits there in my Inbox, and it's very inefficient not to be able to sort mail into different folders.
    3. No easy way to close running applications. As a former 700w user, I'm used to being able to close individual appliations when I was finished with them. I set up a keyboard shortcut to get to the list of currently running apps on my Q, but I don't like the fact that at any given moment, I could have half a dozen apps running that I'm already done with. Most of us are Windows users, and it's in our nature to want to open and close windows. When I can't do that, I feel like I'm that much closer to the phone bogging down from having too many programs running simultaneously.
    4. Inability to fine-tune the home screen layout easily. For the most part, I like the default layout that runs on the Q, but I'd like to tweak a couple of things on it (remove the "Downloads" link, add/subtract other shortcuts, etc.) without having to modify an .xml file. Unless a person feels ambitious, they're pretty much stuck with what information each layout option forces on them.
    5. No dial pad/keypad. Every once in awhile, I'll need to call a toll-free number that spells out something clever - 800-ABC-BANK, 800-CALL-JIM, whatever. My Treo gave me the option of pulling up a keypad on screen that showed the numbers & their corresponding letters. I realize that made sense given the Treo's touch screen, but in the few times that I've needed to call a number like that with the Q, I find myself making an occasional mistake. The obvious solution is to memorize a keypad, but it would be nice to have some visual aid.
    Those are the obvious ones. Maybe there are some solutions out there to these pet peeves, and maybe not. I'd give the Q a solid 7.5-8 out of 10, and that could easily bump up to a 9 out of 10 without these "problems."

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