sirius radio?

Discussion in 'Alltel' started by zxnate, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. zxnate

    zxnate New Member

    sirius radio?

    I was trying to see if I could listen to sirius radio online from my Q. When I tried to sign in i got an error message that read:

    "Apache Tomcat/4.0.5 -
    http status 500 - Internal Server Error"

    Anyone have any idea what that means???:angry:
  2. mehoff88

    mehoff88 New Member

    after a 2 month wait, i guess no one knows. Im pretty sure that you cant though. The phone would probably need some kind of a sound card in it other than the processor in the phone. A complete guess, but i dont see an answer from anyone else.
  3. K3SRK

    K3SRK New Member

    A 500 error means their web server is messed up.

    And one of the mods has a link to a Sirius app. He'll show up soon enough.
  4. Freedog

    Freedog New Member

    Hmmm, i've been trying this all day and keep getting that error also. Any progress on this issue yet?
  5. rexx

    rexx New Member

    Heres what you need. Works great for me.

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  6. mehoff88

    mehoff88 New Member

    So how bout a username and password? Anyone mind if i can listen to sirius on there account as i dont have one??? Hahaha j/k..not really...seriously, anyone?:foot:
  7. can't.. against their policy. I think you are allowed to have a max of 2 users logged in at anytime per main account. So if I log in at home, my wife could log in as well. Kind of like itunes with its max. pc allowed.
  8. mehoff88

    mehoff88 New Member

    how much is it per month of service? If you dont mind me asking.
  9. I pay i think 11.95 a month for the main account and 6.95 for a second receiver.
    Or for 500.00, you get a lifetime subscription.
  10. rexx

    rexx New Member

    have to pay in atleast 3 month periods but its worth it.
  11. K3SRK

    K3SRK New Member

    I have a friend who paid for a yearly subscription a few months ago, but his credit card expired three months into the year and Sirius shut him off due to non-payment. :p

    As for me, I had a Sirius subscription but didn't like it and tried to cancel. They canceled my billing account but left my receiver active.

    With all that said, has some interesting software for satellite radio subscribers. Pair that with this and you have some interesting options.
  12. tomdoug

    tomdoug New Member

    Still get Apache tomcat http 500 server error

    I'm on Alltel with no xaccess - can I listen without getting chaged? I can't get by the "appach..." error Heeeeelllllppppp$%^&:angry:
  13. ryant35

    ryant35 Member

    The problem with Sirius i noticed, they went from 600k subscribers to 8 million in just 2 years. Any business that grows that fast is bound to have problems catching up. Last year my invoice for my annual service was 2 months late, I can understand when the year before they had only a faction of those invoices to create & send.
  14. ryant35

    ryant35 Member

    You can sign up for a free trial via PC on under listen online, this is the only way to listen free, and only for a couple of days.

    Then download Sirius WM5 program & use the login info they give you.

    My web programs Sirius uses for the live streaming are not compatible with the Q.

    I have a Sirius radio in my car & office and I use my PC to listen at home. Even if you don't want to listen to Howard Stern, a couple of days of commercial free music are enough to go buy a radio & subscription for good.
  15. ryant35

    ryant35 Member

    Their policy is 1 IP address, I can login with my PC & my laptop at the same time, since both are going through that same router & modem. But second I login with my Q, my PC & laptop streams get shut right down.
  16. lacrosse00

    lacrosse00 New Member

    I'm almost positive that making the phone do FM transmission might be too much, but I'm sure someone can make a program. Anyway until that day comes do what I do. I bought an LG adapter(they come with the Fusic and Muziq phones) and a old school cassette converter. You know the one you use to use when you had to hook your diskman up to the cassette player in your car. It also turns into a inexpensive carkit.
  17. ryant35

    ryant35 Member

    Are you talking about using an FM modulator to send the music to your car stereo?

    I have one, I mounted it behind my car stereo attached to my hard wired FM modulator or my Sirius unit. Can't get any closer to the antenna then that right? It still doesn't sound great, and there is interference that I don't get with the Sirius. I think unless you have an auxiliary input on your stereo a cassette adapter is the best option.
  18. probino

    probino New Member

  19. ryant35

    ryant35 Member

    I was able to login the the Sirius website to listen online from my Q with Skyfire, but the sound wasn't as good as the Sirius WM5 program.
  20. amandolado

    amandolado New Member

    I'm not sure what that means but i downloaded a player on my Q9c and i listen to Stern and Bubba live everyday. Occassionally when i get a call the player doesnt go back and start the feed again and i have to reconnect. 75% of the time after a call hangs up it connects right back to the feed..

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