Sick of this phone and done with sprint

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by jeffweaver, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. jeffweaver

    jeffweaver New Member

    Sick of this phone and done with sprint

    I send pictures to my sd card and then try to retrieve them but they are not there.I want to use mms and do not wish to send to my pc and go thru all the hoops to send them as text. The battery life is horrible! yes i have 2 extended life batterys. Is it really that hard to make a smartphone/pda moto Q that can have picture mail , good battery life . I have been with sprint for over 8 years I've had billing problems and my last complaint is that i bought a samsung for my son but did not get the insurance due to it was a 49$ phone. now 2months later the keys stick while txting I took it back to sprint but the said it has to go to manufacturer.:angry:
  2. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    where do your pics go? (DCIM folder by default on card)

    what hoops? haven't tried that process

    too many variables regarding battery life

    agreed, the billing can be better

    in all fairness a $50 phone probably won't last long
  3. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    sorry you are having so many problems...
    the Q isnt for everyone
  4. geoff101

    geoff101 New Member

    tell your son not to spill his coke on the phone...if you didnt buy the insurance what can you expect, call samsung and see if they will back thier product, sprint doesnt make the far as sending pictures it's a simple process you need to setup an email account on the phone...then you can email the pics to anyone's email or phone.
  5. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    seems like you have made up your mind so i will save my advise :}

    as Scott said, the Q is not for everyone.
  6. indyx

    indyx New Member

    Provided of course you can recall a slew of cryptic email addresses to prefix their phone number too, depending on what carrier they're on. :frown:

    That's a completely unacceptable alternative to something as simple and effortless as sending a MMS. It's a half-assed work around. If a $50 phone can send MMS there's no excuse for a $500 smartphone not being able to do it. Especially given the same phone on other carriers supports true MMS. Stop being an apologist for Sprint. :wink:
  7. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    i don't think he is an "apologist" for Sprint, he's just being productive and uses an alternative/work-a-round... we all know it's pretty lame and what not of Sprint/Alltel/others not to support it.. but just bitching about it here is not helping a whole lot now is it :}
  8. geoff101

    geoff101 New Member

    not an apologist, why not enter the emails into your wont have to remember's what i do...or pitch it and get a new phone....
  9. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member


    that would take the fun out of it :)


    not find of the workaroud, but I am glad there is one.
  10. fadein34

    fadein34 New Member

    simple is probably a little strong. whatever it is it certainly isn't as simple as it should be!
  11. taseedorf

    taseedorf New Member

    Well man, I have the Q9 c and have not had problems. I did think it was running slow, but realized I'm running third party apps, which are not designed well (most of the time)....I am not the best at writing code, and I know I leave bugs (unintentionally) and so do the programmers of much freeware. Also, like stated above, kids should not have nice cell phones, they spill,etc......Samsung is AMAZING in my experience with customer service and almost all their products have 1 yr man. warranty. Picture mail? On my Q, I take the pic, click send, then pick to mobile or email......? however, sprint is an asshole of a company. I hate them, but my father pays for my service since he gets a nice discount through his work. ( i pay him back). . I suggest bitching and moaning enough you'll get your way with them.
  12. Sprint supports MMS?
    I thought they didn't.
    Doesn't matter, OP is well on his way to termination fees, etc.
  13. rainmakerrc

    rainmakerrc New Member

    Sprint has Picture Mail on dumbphones, but it is not supported on the Q.

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