September 23 - The release?

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by tomandrew, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. tomandrew

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    September 23 - The release?

    According to The gPhone will be launched on september 23 at the T-Mobile/Android event, but they won't actually be available for purchase until the end of October. This will be announced on the big day, so until then, i guess we will all have to just wait.

    There is also a live stream at the above blog which could make for an interesting watch. What do you all think about the release date and such?
  2. dodgyant

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    Today is that day! I can't wait for the announcement to be made, unfortunately, I live in the UK, so by the time the announcement is made, it will probably be too late here. So, I will find out all the details about it tomorrow :)

    Can you feel the excitement? :p
  3. jigyasa

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    I read some where that tentative date for sales of the HTC Dream is 17th October with shipping starting from 13 October. The price is $199, just like the iPhone. :)

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