Sending Mail with Bellsouth

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by Holeman, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Holeman

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    Sending Mail with Bellsouth

    I was wondering if anyone has been able to send mail using their bellsouth account. I can receive mail fine, but it gives me invalid recipient every time I try to send. Mail sends fine using my gmail account. I have tried the auto-setup and set it up manually. I have to authenticate to the outgoing mail server and to not. I just setting up my gmail account as the outgoing mail server, but then the reply to address is the gmail account instead of the bellsouth one? I am trying the, but no luck yet.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. JennaL

    JennaL New Member

    ahh yes, now i am having this problem! someone please help!!
  3. bpatt

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    Bellsouth restricts SMTP connections (outbound mail) to being on their network. So, basically, you can access Bellsouth's incoming mail server ( outside of Bellsouth's network, but cannot access Bellsouth's outgoing mail server ( from anywhere but.

    What I've done successfully is use the incoming, and utilize another service I pay for as outgoing.
  4. scottjb

    scottjb New Member

    This should work for you--I use it all the time.

    Have you signed up at
    Are you using for the login and the password you set up on vtext for the outgoing server?
  5. osoler00

    osoler00 New Member

    How did you configure your out going server ?

    Hello can you explain to me exactly how did you setup you pop email outgoing server in your Q phone?

    Here how is how mine setup:

    incoming server is
    outgoing server is

    I also have the outgoing server requires authentication box checked

    Do I need to go to Outgoing server settings below and click on
    box and add a new username and password instead?

    Your help will be appreciated.


  6. scottjb

    scottjb New Member

    Yes, you do. Here are some more detailed instructions from when VZW first introduced the service:
    Verizon Wireless now has an outgoing SMTP e-mail. To utilize this service, you will need to register on your PC for a free Vtext account. Please go to <>. You will need to change your current Outgoing Mail Settings (SMTP settings) to the "" address, along with the username and password you registered with at the website.
    To register for a Vtext account, please follow the steps we have outlined below.
    1. Navigate to "" and select "Join Up!"
    2. Enter your 10 digit mobile number.
    3. In approximately 30 seconds, you will receive a 10-character, alphanumeric password on your handset. Enter this under step #2 at the Vtext site.
    4. Enter and re-enter a personal password and click "Save."
    You are required to sign up for a Vtext account, to use the username and the password within your SMTP e-mail settings.
    username: (your ten-digit mobile
    password: ( password that you designate)
    SMTP address:

    In *USE DIFFERENT USER NAME FOR OUTGOING SERVER* is where you enter the and password.
  7. robinbender

    robinbender New Member outgoing pop server

    the out going popserver for is i just call att/bellsouth and it worked. Requires authenication and check use same password

    hope this helps it did for me

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