send a sms (text) mesage to an email address

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by jonathan_in_ottawa, Oct 22, 2007.

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    send a sms (text) mesage to an email address

    When I try to send a text email to an email address ie. not just a phone number, I get an error message saying, you can not send to email recipients from the text message account.
    I called our provider bell mobilitiy and they say this is a function of the device not their network.
    I can rec. emails from normal email accounts and I can send & rec. txt messages to other cell phones.
    Does anyone know of a hack to allow the motorola Q to send email using the text account.

    I am about to convert 40 of our exisitng cell phone users to motorola Q's with out a data plan, I assumed they would be able to have limited text email similar to what they have on their existing cell phones.
    The main reason we are switching is for the PDA functionality, we will use commontime software to synchronize our lotus calendar and contact and email through desktop active sync. They can create email on their q but it won't be sent until they next synch with their desktop.
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    welcome aboard....

    odd.. i just tried and don't get an error, i just sits there in the outbox & does not get send..

    ETA: i just did receive it.. not showing it came from my phone # but from my (Verizon) account.
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    Weird when I had Texts (only internet now) I had to sms E-Mails. I have a Sprint Q. Sorry did not help you but just trying to say it is not the Q or at least not the sprint version. sry : (

    (Posted from Q)

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