SeidioOnline releases new cases and holsters

Discussion in 'Motorola Q Accessories' started by SDMahan, Sep 1, 2006.

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    SeidioOnline releases new cases and holsters

    For anybody looking for a holster that handles skin/clear cases, check out SeidioOnline.

    They have released the following items:
    - Holster for naked Q (more secure and less scratching than OEM holster)
    - Holster for Q w/Skin Case (also supports their crystal case)
    - Black Skin Case
    - Clear Crystal Case

    It looks like they also have bundles of the above items. I used their skin case/holster combo with my Treo 650 in the past. The skin case was sturdier than the Boxwave I originally purchased for my Q and the holster doesn't damage the skin. The only negative I can see so far is that they aren't offering a clear skin. I've been waiting for Seidio to make a skin/holster combo for the Q since day 1. I'll hold out just a little longer to see if they release a clear skin.

    Also, they offer two metal cases (standard and extended battery versions), for those that are looking for something sturdier.

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