SD Card does not work

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by ianr, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. ianr

    ianr New Member

    SD Card does not work

    I bought a new 1gb mini SD card...loaded it into the Q... it is not recognized... I thought it was th card, but i took it out, put it into the adapter and it works fine in my laptop... HELP!!! thanks in advance
  2. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    Put it in and restart the phone. If that doesn't work it is either not formatted properly using fat32 or a cheap card.
  3. timeaviator

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    I had the same situation with my Q, I thought something would pop up in windows saying found storage device or show an Icon or it doesn't do that. If you don't have the card pushed in all the way, don't be scared to give a push. (The card should sit "All the Way in the Q") You should hear a clicking sound and feel the tension from the spring unit inside. Once done, go to "Start", "File Manager", scroll down and it should be under "Program Files." Also if you already have "active sync" installed and setup, the "Storage Card" should show in "Mobile Based-Device." Hopefully this helps you........
  4. ianr

    ianr New Member

    SD card works in camera...still not in the Q

    thanks for the help...but alas it still does not work in the Q... I put the card into my dig camera and it works fine... could it be something with my Q?
  5. azdps

    azdps New Member

    Lost Card

    This is worth a try, I found out the hard way through Sand Disk for my 1GB mini for my LG vx8100. In 'My Computer' a new Drive was displayed when I had the card / reader / mobilemate pluged in the 2.0 Port, but when trying to send a item to THAT drive, it said the drive was either locked or full. To the point, on the Reader, there is a gray lever in the upper left corner that lockes the card. In the 'Up' posision it's Unlocked. In the 'Down' posision it's Locked.
    *Sorry if this is Old news. Good Luck !

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