Screen Blacks Out When on Call

Discussion in 'HTC HD7 and HTC HD7S' started by Gonzalo, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Member

    Just recently I've been having an issue with my HD7. When ever I'm on a call or make a call, the screen blacks out and I cannot hang up or do anything. I have to wait until the call hangs up so I can get my screen back.

    I searched and I keep getting results of the proximity sensor being blocked. So where is the sensor on the HD7?
    Also see results about changing the sensor sensitivity. Well where do I do that?

    Hope someone here can help.

  2. jaysonben

    jaysonben Member

    I'm not sure how to change the sensor sensitivity, but it is located just above the HTC in the upper left hand corner. The first one is above and slightly to the right of the C, and the other one is just to the right of that. If your screen is dirty, that could cause issuse where the phone thinks that it is up against your face.
  3. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Member

    Yeah, I see the little circles by the HTC label. I'm assuming the sesnors must have loosen up and fell behind the panel. However, I dont hear anything loose when I lightly shake my phone.
  4. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    I had this happen on Samsung Focus. It was a bad proximity sensor. I was able to exchange within my 30 days, but is also covered under the one year warranty.
  5. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Member

    Well I think I fixed it. Yesterday, I bought another HD7 off of CL. I was going to switch the "bad" HD7 to my business line and keep the newly bought one for my personal line. For a second, I thought I was ripped off by the guy that sold me the HD7. When I tried to set it up and give it the mango update, the computer couldnt detect it and the phone kept stating that the memory is full....even after I did a factory reset.

    For some reason, the "new" HD7 kept stating full memory and when my computer finally detected it, the memory bar at the bottom of the Zune software said, full. So I was like "CRAP, I got ripped!"

    So being the IT tech that I am, I disassembled both HD7s and swapped out the memory cards. So now the "new" HD7 works perfectly.

    After I configured the "new" HD7, I moved onto the "bad" HD7. I placed everything back together on the "bad" HD7, did a factory reset, and booted it up. After all this, the microSD started working just fine and didnt state it was full. I tested a call and the darn proximity sensor is working again. So now I have two good HD7s.

    So now that I know how to do this, I'm planning to switch the 16GB chip to a 32GB chip. But I need to find a decent priced 32GB Class 6 microSD.
  6. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Member

    Here's another update. I just upgraded the 16GB chip to a 32GB. Works great and happy to have all my music on my phone.

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