saving webpages problem

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Yester18, Apr 5, 2007.

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    saving webpages problem

    Hopefully you can help me. My hardrive
    was making noises and then died. I replaced it with a new one and only had my
    documents backed up so I had to redo everything else from scratch. I got it up
    and running and decided to get all the automatic updates, service packs,
    security alerts, etc. from microsoft for my XP home operating system.

    Now I'm having a problem saving webpages from the internet. With my old "zero
    updates" XP version and I believe Internet Explorer 5? I would open file, click
    save as, then see window with name(or change name of page), and save as (file
    type) with drop down window with choices of HTML complete content, text, webpage
    only, etc? I would save as HTML complete and it would save it as an HTML
    Document on my computer. It would have the E internet explorer symbol, and also
    a folder with all the details,info. Now when I try to save a webpage example
    ( the "save as" drop down list only has File(html, htm), and Text with no other
    choices. If I save as the File(html) choice it saves it on my computer as "File"
    only and clicking it gives me the what do you want to open it with screen. It
    shows up on my computer with the small white page with little colored squares
    symbol. When opened it contains a bunch of script and that's it. When saved as
    text it saves it on computer as "File" (ASPX) instead of "text Document" like it
    use to. And it contains script when opened also. I've tried getting into
    internet options and changing various settings with no luck. Settings are pretty
    much back to IE default now. I'd appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks,
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    Save it as (html,htm) then when u try and open it select "select program from list" and choose IE.

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