Samsung releases Developer API for LED's

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    Samsung releases Developer API for LED's

    This may be beneficial to programmers...

    Samsung have released developer APIs for their Windows Mobile devices via their 'Samsung Innovator' programme.

    Detailed here at the Samsung Innovator website, the APIs are aimed at native developers (that is NOT Compact Framework developrers) and cover a wide range of the unique range of hardware features found on Samsung devices.

    Supported devices are the SGH-i617 - BlackJack II (AT&T), SGH-i907 Epix (AT&T), SCH-i760 Robin (Verizon), SCH-i770 Saga (Verizon), SCH-i910 Omnia (Verizon), SPH-i325 ACE (Sprint), SGH-i780 Mirage (Europe) and of course the SGH-i900 Omnia (Europe).

    While not every API is of course supported on every device (due to hardware not being included), the APis do provide access to the following:

    Let me know if anyone can make anything of this!!!


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