Discussion in 'Samsung Focus' started by Simond, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Simond

    Simond New Member

    Hi guys im realy freaking out right now,
    OK this is the story of my phone (Samsung Focus)
    I try to flash my samsung focus the software name is WP7 Downloader ver 7.41 .. after that i click the start button to flash my phone, then! the problem begins, the flash failed and that the phone restart and un able to turn on, i try to unplug the battery and wait about 1hr then plug it back and still no use.. try the wallcharger and still no charging apers..

    can someone help me :(
  2. Simond

    Simond New Member

    and by the way i want to reset my phone.... how can i RESET my phone if i cant even go to the start screen :(

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