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Discussion in 'Samsung Saga' started by DOORZ, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. PacoJr67

    PacoJr67 Active Member

    although for digital cameras (when printing 4x6 pictures) anything above 2mp is sort of wasted. current minilab equipment prints at 300dpi (which for a 4x6 picture works out to roughly 2mp) I showed my boss this at work the other day. the TP has a 3.2mp camera and he said his 8mp camera still takes better pics. so we both took the same picture and printed it out (noritsu d701 printer) and they looked exactly the same
  2. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    apparently pda to pda or smartphone to pda and vice versa is fine with text messages
    even dumbphone to dumbphone txts are fine but dumphone to smartphone/pda gets this error
    you can send them from a pda/smartphone to anything all day,but you just cant recieve them
  3. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    I mainly use mine with a few different gmail accounts pushing every 10 mins
    however there is a option to log into a work server in messaging
  4. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    I don't like that the thing wakes itself all the time. If it is in your pocket it will stay awake endlessly and suck the battery and make phone calls or change settings. I don't use the lock because then I have to keep entering my pin. s2u2 is a partial solution that I use. It also goes nuts with my ear to the touch screen. I guess I need to set the timeout shorter.

    The screen is as bad as the Q1 outside. The Q9 was much better.
    Battery seems worse but then I have the above problem with it turning on.
    GPS is locked. VZW blackberries now come with unlocked gps's from what I hear. We'll see on the Saga promise.
    wifi is only good for wifi tethering IMO. I otherwise leave it off.
    Navigation is different than a smartphone. Some things are better with the mouse and touch screen. You just have to get the phone set up for the shortest steps.

    The phone is definately more fragile than a Q with that touch screen. I'll scratch if you put it in your pocket with keys or anything else.

    I love the GSM band. That'll be nice overseas but I still get the vzw crisp signal in the US. EVDO RevA is super duper speedy. :D

    Had to relearn all the symbol keys and numbers but it's coming.
  5. EQBob

    EQBob New Member

    Interesting....I do not have the same issues you do with the waking up. Mine doesn't come awake. I use the power button and don't have a pin set up. Works like a champ and never comes on, dials by itself, etc.

    I guess we have a different way of handling our phones also, as mine is never in my's on my holster. I would think of keeping it in there with keys or somethign metallic that could scratch it...not to me ntion something 4x2 in your pants pocket isn't exactly comfortable <G>
  6. tman065

    tman065 New Member

    I lock my phone by pressing and holding the mouse / navigation mode button on the left edge of the Saga. No PIN is necessary to unlock it. Just press the left soft key and then the "*" key; or press the left soft key and then press the screen where it says "unlock".

    When I am at work, I keep my phone in a uniform shirt pocket. If I don't lock the keypad and then put it to sleep, funny things happen, like programs starting, or the clock settings screen appears for no reason.
  7. godfthr53

    godfthr53 New Member

    I definatly don't get the waking problem at all. The screen powers off and then using the side button lock is the best. When I had my Q I would call people in my pocket AT LEAST 3-4 times a week.

    This is my 3rd day with the Saga and have a couple complaints. VIBRATE! why is it so damn soft. When you get a text you can barely feel it, even if you are holding it in your hand. There needs to be a fix to change the intensity or vibrate pattern. Another Thing I don't like is that when your screen powers off (this is like), If I miss a call or a text (which usually is the case due to the lake of Vibrate) The LED light should continue to blink until I check the notification. Other than that so far I think the phone is fantastic.

    Let me know if there are any fixes to these things I don't like that I might have missed in my 3 days of navigation.
  8. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    i let mine just go to sleep, I've had no problems at all waking it with the power button on top. I never use the vibrate so i haven't experienced the weak vibrate. The led does stop blinking after awhile but i'm fine pressing the left soft key (notifications) button to "catch up"
  9. EQBob

    EQBob New Member

    Never heard of that way to lock. You know you can do the power button on top as well, right? Seems "simpler"?
  10. tman065

    tman065 New Member

    I know that but I've experienced a couple of problems - mostly user interface related. If it rings while in my pocket and wakes up, I've accidentally pressed the screen and other buttons.

    It makes a mess....

    I don't mind the extra key presses for the peace of mind provided.
  11. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    there's a backlight bug that wakes it up. uncheck the backlight problem and it won't wake on it's own.
  12. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    mine locks to a pin btw. it does that if you have one programmed.
  13. tman065

    tman065 New Member

    If I need a registry editor for this, I think I'll skip it. I'm not that adventurous. I don't mind the extra button strokes. Will the Saga wake up for a phone call, then? Will it still alert to messages and emails?

    Today I tried just using the sleep button while the phone was in my pocket. It sent a "reply all" to an email from my boss. How embarrassing.:embarassed:

    I think it woke up when it received a txt and then somehow worked its magic.
  14. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    start settings backlight. uncheck the first box.
  15. tman065

    tman065 New Member

    A quick related question. When I put the Saga on the charger, I put it to sleep and go to bed. The screen is always active when I go to take the phone off the charger. Any ideas? It could be something as simple as the phone wakes up when it's fully charged. I just have no clue.

    I'm also not too sure if the backlight fix fixed my issue with the phone. I'll have to carry it for a couple of days and see if anything noticeable happens. I have lots of stuff sent to my phone, so there should be tons of chances to test it.
  16. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    i think there is a similar bug when plugged in. mess with the settings and you will find that it won't turn off the screen at all when plugged in even if you push the power button.
  17. EQBob

    EQBob New Member

    I don't know what to think about what I read here...solely from the standpoint of I can't duplicate it.

    Mine is set to turn off backlight after 10 seconds. It does. It is set to turn on when a button is pressed. It does. Similar settings for exernal power also work exactly as advertised. It doesn't stay on when charging. It does wake up when I remove it from the charger, but I'd expect that. It also doesn't wake up in my pocket (not that I actually put the thing in my pocket very often).

    I just don't see these "bugs". Maybe my settings are different somehow, maybe some hacks that others have done affect more than one item, I don't know. I've made 0 hacks and the device and settings work exactly as advertised and as they should.
  18. EQBob

    EQBob New Member

    Why bother putting it to sleep? It'll go by itself depending on the setting you have for using it on external power.
  19. tman065

    tman065 New Member

    Just a little OCD, I guess. :wink:

    I think I have the screen set to stay for external power, so I can use it when plugged in for watching vids. That might explain the overnight thing, but then why would it go to sleep at all? (And, no it doesn't really matter. Just enquiring minds and such)

    I haven't done any hacks. Just added Skyfire, and a 2GB micro SD.

    I actually have no problem with taking the extra steps to lock and unlock the keyboard. I just want to know if it is necessary. I work again Wed and Thurs, so I will test it with the backlight button unchecked.
  20. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    I can get it to work as it should. I can also get it to keep the light on when it shouldn't. My reason to have it turn off is because it will charge faster with it off, especially if it is only connected via usb to a pc instead of a wall charger.

    Since everyone is happy with their screen doing what they want, I guess there's no issue.

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