Review: Speck Products See-Thru Hard Plastic Cases (3-pack)

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    Review: Speck Products See-Thru Hard Plastic Cases (3-pack)

    Review: Speck Products See-Thru Hard Plastic Cases (3-pack)

    Speck Products specializes in standard and unique cases and skins for portable gear, such as iPods, MP3 players, and mobile phones. Their latest entry in case design is for our beloved Motorola Q.

    (Elsewhere on this site you will find a review of Speck’s “Toughskin” rugged case for the Q)

    The Speck Products See-Thru Hard Plastic Cases is shipped as a three-pack so you can change the look of your Q as your mood strikes you. You get a clear case, a light smoke case, and a red case. All are see thru, however, the red case is less so – more on that to follow.

    The cases are approximately 2 millimeters thick. It is not the most indestructible plastic, but I would estimate that it would save your Q from one nasty drop onto pavement, so long as the unit stays snapped together (if your concern is drops, I would recommend the Toughskin). It certainly will prevent scratching the unit. The cases are two piece construction, a front and back that snap together to surround your Q. They fit the Q perfectly, with a cutout for the keyboard and soft keys, the scroll wheel and back button, the camera and flash, and the mic, earpiece and headphone jack. It should be noted that while the Speck information on their website and the EverythingQ Store state you can access all of the ports with the case in place, the IR emitter and the SD Mini card slot are covered by the case. I found the IR emitter still functions through the smoke and clear colored cases, not as well through the red colored case. You MUST remove the Q from its case to access the SD Mini card slot. Also, Speck advertises that the cases will add a “shine” to your Q. The cases actually have a nice matte exterior finish to the plastic that prevents fingerprints, except for the LCD portion, which is clear.

    Again, the cases fit the Q perfectly, and add virtually no extra dimension to the size of the unit, unlike some clear iPod cases I have seen from other manufacturers. Most people will not even be able to tell you have a cover on your Q, without some very hands-on examination. As a matter of fact, they fit the Q so well on the right side of the unit that the raised lip around the scroll wheel and back button (which I find annoying) “disappears.” It is obvious that Speck had a good prototype of the Q to work their design from. There is no provision on these cases for a belt clip or attachment, however, that does keep the case very slim.

    The LCD screen is covered entirely, and the plastic in that portion slims down to approximately 1 millimeter in thickness, to avoid distortion of the screen. While no plastic is perfectly distortion free (except for optical quality eyewear), the Q screen can be seen clearly with the case on, with the exception of the red case. The cherry-red colored plastic tends to wash out the display when you look through it, and can even cause some colors in the red shades to disappear entirely.

    These cases are well designed and I would recommend them for anyone who is concerned about scratching their Q by keeping it in a purse, pocket or on a cluttered desk.

    Pros: A perfect fit that adds virtually no extra dimension to your Q; Smoke and Clear colors are business-like and do not deter from the Q’s good looks.

    Cons: No access to SD Mini card slot without taking Q out of its case; probably just thick enough to make you remove Q if you use a desktop cradle for charging; no belt clip provision; red color not particularly good for viewing LCD; must order all three colors as part of a three pack.

    The Speck Products See-Thru Hard Plastic Cases (3-pack) is available for $24.95 through the EverythingQ Store at

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