retrieving contacts

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by TD209, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. TD209

    TD209 New Member

    retrieving contacts

    my motorola q was just recently crushed & i cannot view anything on the screen. my service provider says that they can only retrieve my contacts via bluetooth, which is now not possible. is there any way of plugging it into the pc & retrieving a file off of my phone that would have the contacts?
  2. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    pim.vol is the file....but that file is only read by the q so u would need to put it back on another q!
  3. TD209

    TD209 New Member

    so i wont be able to read it on my pc?
  4. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    if you have outlook it should still sync
  5. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    If the phone will start up you can sync the contacts with Outlook (they will be viewable that way). I have synced a Saga with a crushed screen. I could view all the files on my computer even with the bad screen. The pim.vol will work in another Windows Mobile device. I dropped the one from my Q9m/c in my Saga to get my contact photos Quickly. It worked fine.
  6. TD209

    TD209 New Member

    i can still get microsoft active sync to fire up, but not sure how to view my contacts. unfortunately i do not have another windows device to sync.
  7. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    broken screen sync

    You will need to open up Outlook...Not Outlook Express. You should be able to view them there, after selecting the 'contacts' option. You might need to go into your programs folder to start Outlook if you have never used it. If you have Word on your computer you probably have
  8. txter

    txter New Member

    if you can plug it into your pc, you can copy pim.vol to your pc and atleast save it till you get another phone. it will also save your calendar
  9. DJShocker

    DJShocker New Member


    I use a program called MyMobiler to view my phones screen on the computer and you can even control your phone with your mouse and keyboard. You can view your contacts then. Try that!
  10. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    My Mobiler and Cracked Screen...

    My Mobiler will not work if the screen is cracked or crushed. I've tried it with a cracked screen Saga. It will load but not display.

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