Request for Twitter Help

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by EQBob, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Request for Twitter Help

    Ok all,

    In my field of work, twitter is becoming a tool increasingly used for information dissemination. I need to get up to speed on it. To date, I've pretty much ignored it.

    I know the basics of what it is of course. Some of the things I don't know are:
    • Is there desktop software to receive twitter "feeds", akin to an RSS reader?
    • Are there any recommendations for that, if such things exist?
    • If I wanted to (not at all sure I do), could I get tweats on both this desktop software and on my phone?
    • Do tweats come in as data or a text message?
    • How do I find out if someone/some agency is on Twitter? Is there some central database to look them up?
    • Do I have to "twit" in return to receive feeds?
    • How do you send a picture on a tweat?
    • How do you view a picture on a twit/tweat/<insert proper term>?
    • Is there a good tutorial somewhere on all of this?
    Please understand that I have no desire to join the social networking aspect of this stuff. What PrettyMary76 does while standing in line at the grocery store is of no interest to me. And frankly, I don't know why it would be of interest to anyone else. (Sandee Westgate might be a different story :tounge:)

    BUT...if agencies are using this as an information dissemination tool for my industry, I need to get on board, so I'm looking for info / tutorial / apps, etc to help me get up to speed.

    Thanks in advance for any information you would be willing to share.
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    I know yopu are reluctant about the whole Twitter issue and I can understand why. Here is my take on it - and much of the interwebz - . It is what you make of it. Yes there are the individuals who use it to blab about their bowel movements etc etc, but there are many others who use it creatively. Ninety-five percent of the people on my twitter list are related to windows mobile or the tech industry and their tweets consist of links to reviews, news, release rumors, official tech blogs etc etc. On occasion, I will get the "out with the family at..." type of tweet from one of the writers from wmexperts or pc world and there is an accompanying photo of some cute kid. Stuff like that is sweet and just puts a human face.
    For my part, I am more of a 'listener'.. I mainly retweet and also post a quick opinion on a tech related matter..something that would be understood by most of the tech types.
    It's pretty sweet getting breaking information about new phones, OS upgrades etc etc. I really should post them here and I will make an effor to do so.

    Not trying to hammer you over the head with this, just thinking that maybe there is another angle you didnt see and maybe you might just get soem use out of a personal twitter account. black folk sure do ramble... anyhoo let's try and answer your questions..

    The answer is '42' .. just kidding....

    1. - Yes there is and let me answer question 2 by saying Seesmic Desktop. If you want a feed right in your browser window and you are using Firefox, try installing the twitterfox extension.

    2. You most certainly can get them on both. There is a post on these forums..somewhere about free twitter apps. But I recommend the 4 bucks for Twikini. I pretty much settled on that one.

    3. For the phone, tweets are data.

    4. From the Twitter homepage you can search for companies. There is also a directory that is maintained, but I have to look for it.

    5. You dont have to Tweet to receive. You can get away without never having to send one frakking tweet...but where is the fun in that?

    6. You can use the supplemental site twitpic for photos. Some photos show as links you have to click. In the Twikini mobile client, it resolves any photo that uses twitpic right there in the app.

    7. I pretty much just picked it up as I went along..if you want to really do this, I and others here can give you a quick walk thru...
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    I'm guessing you have a good understanding of Twitter, but just in case...

    TweetDeck is a popular desktop app, but I believe it's Adobe AIR based. If you leave your browser open, it should refresh. Unless you have multiple accounts, I don't believe you'll need more than a browser.

    You can get feeds for specific twitterers, but that kind of defeats the purpose. The group that you follow creates what is essentially a custom RSS feed. It differs in that it's not only updates of blogs, websites, etc. Tweets can be useful info, it can mean an update to your favorite website or it can be something completely useless. It all depends on who you follow. For example, the everything site tweets are for the most part updates on blog posts and sometimes things that are happening in the forums. My personal tweets are related to my personal interests.

    Who you choose to follow will dictate what your "feed" ends up containing.

    Hope that makes sense. Of course, with Twitter, you can tweet back. So unlike feeds, Twitter allows for communication back/forth. I think that's where it really shines.

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    I used PT (pocket twitter) on the Q. The UI was fairly easy and intuitive. Updates and/or bug fixes were also fairly quick. Plus it is free :)

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