Remap home button to task manager

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by Shad0wguy, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Shad0wguy

    Shad0wguy New Member

    Remap home button to task manager

    I hate to do this, since I know it has been discussed but I can't seem to find the thread.

    I had to do a master reset on my phone and the last thing I need to redo is to remap my home button when I hold it down to open the task manager. I know it was a simple registry tweak, but I cannot remember how to do it.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: 1 more thing. How do I turn off the autocomplete?
  2. ParaCAD

    ParaCAD New Member

    Autocomplete as in Text Prediction for messaging?
    Start>Settings>Text Input settings

    And good question...I'd like to change my top left "Media Net" key to Task manager..
  3. Shad0wguy

    Shad0wguy New Member

    Thanks, thats what I wanted. Now just need the registry tweak and I'll be all set.
  4. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

  5. Shad0wguy

    Shad0wguy New Member

    No, that wasn't it. What I am looking for was a registry tweak that when you held the home button down it opened the task manager as opposed to the quick list.
  6. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    well i tried.. never seen such a hack, which does not mean it's not out there.
  7. james77

    james77 New Member

    Did anyone ever figure this one out?
  8. eric3938

    eric3938 New Member

    Just in case anyone is wondering, I foumd the registry key to do this.

    It is HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\MSQuickApp

    Value 0 seems to have no effect (someone correct me if I'm wrong)

    Value 1 can be changed to run a different program

    • default is - quickapp.exe

    • I changed mine to - "\Program Files\Celetask.exe" (quotes needed)

    Now when I hold the Home key Celetask opens instead of QuickList
  9. alimohammad01

    alimohammad01 New Member

    im not sure if anyone knows..
    but there ARE shortcuts on your q home screen..
    i have the q9m.. and I just went to personlize my q, then to edit homescreen shortucts (or whatever its called), and i just added the task manager..
    its a lot easier than.. trying to mess with all that.. registry crap.. and.. I dont know.
    I mean, instead of getting rid of the quick list.. which, to me.. you may end up needing for some odd reason one would be better to just add the shorcut to your desktop.. instead of holding down a button.. all you'd have to do.. is.. click the middle button thing.. and you're set! :)

    and you can edit your soft key setting too, so you dont have it set to contacts or w/e anymore..
    im not sure if you can set it to take you to your task manager.. BUT.. you could try..
    and like i said.. i liek the shortcut thing... its right there on your homescreen and is so very convenient..
    i personally like being able to check my contacts with the click of my right soft key.. :p

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