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  1. ^^rac

    ^^rac New Member

    ^^rac Android

    android V 1

    No Plugins required.
    Design done by Fragmint (Awesome) from Bitfarm SA

    (comments welcome!!!)
    Download: Post 9 in this thread :)

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  2. docmac129

    docmac129 New Member

    Very Nice & welcome to HS designing!!! U will get addicted so watch out. Its like Crack!:wink:
  3. Geekster

    Geekster New Member

    M-i-k-e, r-b.......NO!
    You are not allowed to respond to this or post in this thread
    Down I say!!!

    Very nice screen. I like it!
    Good work.
    Your first?
    I want to burn, bury & put a toxic waste sign on my first one or two (dozen).
  4. inscracefan24488805

    inscracefan24488805 New Member

    Another homescreen designer in our midst.

    This one looks very nice. I have two questions. What font did you use in this homescreen? How did you get this incorporated into your homescreen? This doesn't look like the normal standard font that's used in most homescreens.
  5. dafoxs

    dafoxs New Member

    you can change the font in the xml as long as you have it on your phone. if you notice, most smart monitor uses Sergio, i think not arial.
  6. crazykay

    crazykay New Member

    nice HS.. way better than my first creation!!
  7. Geekster

    Geekster New Member

    nice one rac!!!
    tanx for sharing!
  8. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    Looks good!

    Looks good! Posted via Q9m w/ Skyfire
  9. ^^rac

    ^^rac New Member

    Android V 1
    Android V 2

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  10. ^^rac

    ^^rac New Member

    android V 2

    android V 2

    No Plugins required.
    Design and Idea by Fragmint (Great design man!) from Bitfarm SA

    More to come :)

    Download in post # 9

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  11. skippy126

    skippy126 Member

    Great homescreens! Any plans to create an Android theme which incorporates Facade? Thanks!
  12. ^^rac

    ^^rac New Member

    Formula One

    Hey guys!

    I have created 2 HS, F1.

    These are very very simple........The black and red combo looks awesome! And pulls peoples attention!

    Original design by Fragmint!


    Feedback appreciated!

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  13. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    nice work....

    (ps. link # 2 does not work)
  14. ^^rac

    ^^rac New Member

    The Simple version

    Looks great! Very tidy :laugh2:

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  15. ^^rac

    ^^rac New Member


    Download here!!!!!

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  16. ^^rac

    ^^rac New Member

    Hehehe, you to fast for me man! I was still attaching files :)
  17. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    figured that after i posted :}
  18. ^^rac

    ^^rac New Member


    Damn, those screenshots looks bad!!

    Those graphics is WAY better on your device!!

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