Question on Q as a Phone

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by marsha7, Jun 6, 2006.

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    Question on Q as a Phone

    I am considering the Q more as a phone than a PDA...from what I have read, Motorola is calling this more of a phone than anything else...maybe email in the future, but now I want a good phone with a quality, good sounding speakerphone, CONVENIENT TO ENGAGE, and simpe, voice activated dialing...

    I intend for this phone to be used in my car, so that I can place the unit on the dash or in my shirt pocket and have a hands-free conversation while driving...I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO USE BLUETOOTH...

    So, my question is this: is the speakerphone easily engaged with the press of a button, like my Nokia, or do I have to scroll thru multiple screens on the screen (like Blackberry) to engage the spkrphone???...I avoided Blackberry because you need to perform 2-3 tasks to get to spkrphone, which obviously takes your attention off the road, defeating the purpose of the spkr.

    Further, can you engage voice dialing with the push of a button, or do you have to scroll thru multiple screens to get to that???

    Since Motorola said they emphasized it as a phone, then these two functions, spkr and voice dial should be easily accessible by pushing one button, or else Motorola has poorly used all their experience with the phones they have been selling to Nextel over the years...

    I hope folks who have the Q can answer these questions, since they can play with their machines and see how they work...

    Thank you for your assistance. :D ;) :confused: :confused:
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    I have had my Q for about a week now and in my opinion it is a good phone. I also have a Razr V3c and like it very well but wanted more than just a phone.

    I feel that the sound quality is good on both phones but I give the Q a slight edge over sound quality, it is very good.

    The speaker phone is very easy to activate, just push the speaker phone button on the phone (it's the bottom right button). The sound quality of the speaker phone is probably the best of any cell phone I have had.

    Voice dialing is just as easy to activate, it is activated by pushing the same button and holding it for 2 seconds. It is the same software as on the Treo 650 and works pretty much the same with one exception... The voice dialing on the Q works with the Bluetooth headset.

    The only thing I don't like about the Voice dialing is that when you use it the voice comes through the speakers instead of the earpiece. In other words when you activate voice dialing the female voice blasts out "Say a Command", no option to turn that off. Not a big deal but it would be better if it worked like most other cell phones.

    If all I wanted was a phone I would have just stuck to my V3c but for what I want in a phone I am happy with the Q.
    It's not the perfect Phone/PDA and it may not be for everyone but if you want a good Phone with some PDA functions the Q would be a good choice in my opinion.

    Hope this helps.

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