Q9h Wifi Real(Released in 4th Quarter of '08)

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by blade242, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. ULEN

    ULEN New Member

    We received a Silver Moto Q9h with WM 6.1.

    It also has threaded sms.

    I'll post pics later tonight.
  2. DJ_JuanE

    DJ_JuanE New Member

    It would be great to see! We were left hanging a while back with the "other q9h with wi-fi"... Finally, if it is true, and I hope it is, maybe the Mexiken can continue doing his investigation about the specs and so forth, and maybe, just maybe provide us q9h users the so much anticipated wi-fi ability. Will keep a tab open on my browser to check status!:laugh2:
  3. Xebec

    Xebec Member

    If you don't believe that, how is that not calling Motorola liars?
  4. Dast

    Dast New Member

    So... No wifi chip.

    I don't have access to the schematics yet, but I can say at least something about what *could* be supported in a moto q 9h. You can check out detailed info on the processor inside the 9h, the TI ARM1136 OMAP2420 (this can be found in Settings > About), at the following.


    Like most other highly integrated ARM-based system on chip (SOC) setups, the main processor has an ARM core with a ton of other modules built into the package. If you look at the block diagram at the above address, you can see that the chip has support to interface with another set of TI chips for WiFi. The wifi chip would likely be one of the following (or something compatible).

    http://focus.ti.com/general/docs/wt...5&contentId=4645&DCMP=WTBU&HQS=Other OT mwlan

    So, I can say for a fact that it is theoretically possible that some version of the Q that uses the OMAP2420 could support WiFi.

    I've worked on a lot of products that use these types of ARM/XScale SOCs, and it is very common for an OEM to not include support for many things that the processor may support. Every extra chip costs $$ for every board they put it on. So, Motorola may very well not have even layed out the board such that you could put in one of the WiLink chips.

    However... I've seen manufacturers actually lay the board out to support an add-on chip in the future but not populate the chip for most production runs. One reason for doing this is that it lets the OEM have one board design for several SKUs. High-end models planned for the future may simply add on the extra WiLink chip to drop in support. Having one board layout simplifies testing, FCC/CE certification, and saves a bunch of money.

    Anyway, I'd really like to get a gander at the schematics for the 9h if anyone would please send them to me. I've got several hardware guys who might be talked into reviewing the design for a six pack. ; )
  5. pgleizes

    pgleizes New Member

    I have WM 6.1 Standard CE OS 5.2.19214 (build19214.0.0.4) on my Q9H global (aka Norman) since June 2008, it works like a charm!
    I was on T-Mobile in the US and now on Orange in France.

    Although 3G/3G+ is available too bad this is not a WIFI phone!
  6. theonemanarmy

    theonemanarmy New Member

    Did you just flash to update to 6.1? Which flash did you use? I used the unlocked version from AT & T and my phone just can't seem to detect other bands.
  7. pgleizes

    pgleizes New Member

    Q9 flashed to 6.1

    I'm an ex Motorolan, got the phone flashed in Libertyville before I quitted, it's a generic version from Moto, At&t has been removed from my phone :whistling I'm planning to use SKYPE on 3G+ since this Q9 doesn' t have WIFI :embarassed: some of my friends :geek: in the US have the WIFI on their Q9 ...
  8. Joneyee

    Joneyee New Member

    Misleading Title, I got excited for a minute (and confused) maybe it would be prudent to chaneg the title of the thread.
  9. tiguy99

    tiguy99 New Member

    I don't get it, why couldn't they just build the wifi feature into the design of the phone? The T mobile Dash has it for crying out loud and its an even smaller design than this thing? In fact, that phone has very good wifi capability as well. HTC packed it into that small space, why couldn't Motorola do the same?
  10. Dast

    Dast New Member

    They didn't build it in because with wifi, you could, in theory, make VOIP calls and avoid having to use carrier minutes. You can see the obvious conflict of interest here.
  11. sniffs

    sniffs New Member

    You can do that with any WIFI phone.. Even if they had put it in the q9h, there's 2 dozen other phones with WIFI

    Hell, the ATT Tilt has wifi..
  12. Dast

    Dast New Member

    Very true... I can't say I fully agree with the justification, but that is the standard answer one usually hears about why certain phones don't do wifi.

    My guess is the real reason the Q9H doesn't support wifi is the cost. A wifi IC that costs $3 doesn't seem like much, but when you multiply it by thousands and thousands of phones, it adds up to a lot. Plus, when adding a big feature like, it can take a lot of time to get the hardware/software just right and fully tested.

    Just my 2 cents.
  13. Razor1973

    Razor1973 New Member

    But didn't mexiken say that he knew without a doubt that out Q 9h's were WiFi capable, at least hardware wise? I can't believe I've read 20 pages and come to this. :angry:
  14. Dast

    Dast New Member

    I dont think, with all of the info from mexiken and others, that we can say blanketly that all q 9h phones are just a software update away from having wifi. I do believe a case can be made that *some* versions of the 9h, clearly a very small minority of them, did have wifi. I have yet to see any confermation on what claims may have been made regarding the schematics. I pmed mexiken to get a copy of any schematics he may have so i can answer the question myself. To date, mexiken hasn't responded.

    The only other thing i can say for sure is that the core used in the 9h supports a wifi interface. However, it requires another chip that motorola probably didnt include.
  15. nancygraz

    nancygraz New Member

    I am a newbie to the Q9h Global and this forum, and I thought I would share my experiences starting on December 22, 2008. FWIW, my phone has the AT&T-branded chrome bezel and came pre-loaded with WM6.1. After having read this entire thread, I decided to post here. Hope that I am not opening up old wounds here :gasp:, just thought that I would provide some new, hopefully relevent information. :wink:

    I purchased my Q9h directly from an AT&T store on the 22nd primarily because they told me that it was WiFi capable. However, when I got home, I was unable to detect any networks, including our personal wireless network. I poked around the phone a bit trying to find a way to enable the Wifi card and couldn't find anything. I also did a little research on the net (including joining this forum and quickly perusing the various topics) and came to the conclusion that I had been misled, and that the Q9h Global is not Wifi capable.

    After contacting my salesperson via email, I received the following response:

    As far as we were aware at the store, the new Motorola Q9h is
    in fact Wi-Fi capable. With further research we found that it was available only with the download of Windows Mobile 6.1.1 only. I myself have found links with conflicting reports and was also told by my manager that it would work with the newer software; however I am still trying to locate the exact link to the download for you off of Windows Mobile.

    I later heard back from her that she was not able to locate the download site for WM6.1.1 to which she referred in her email.

    I finally contacted Motorola directly to see what they had to say, and I received the following response from them:

    unfortunately the Q9h global by default is not capable of the Wi-fi feature, other Qs have the capability of include a wi-fi card but it will not fit on the Q9h, we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you

    From what I can tell, the Q9m (available through Sprint, Alltell, US Cellular, and Verizon) and the Q9c (available through Sprint and possibly other carriers) are both Wifi capable. I did a quick search to see what these two phones physically look like, and they do not appear to be significantly larger/smaller than the Q9h, but I have not dug too deeply into verifying this. Initially, the only difference I see is that the Q9h has a slightly different button pattern - a couple extra buttons have been added to the Q9h.

    Not sure where this leaves us, but evidently even the sales force at AT&T stores has even been told, in error, that the Q9h is Wifi capable...

    FWIW, I am a degreed Electrical Engineer working as a Technical Writer for a chip manufacturer, and I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that there are times where we sell/market internally identical chips for use in progressively more complex applications, but depending upon the target application, the same chip is marketed differently (under different part numbers, but usually within the same product line or family), with supporting documentation developed based on how marketing is presenting the chip. Although the complete function set may be available in two or more "different" chips, documentation doesn't reflect this based on the target market. Pricing for the chips is also adjusted accordingly (i.e., you get what you pay for.)

    Therefore, just because the User's Manual provided with the current Q9h does not include any information about enabling/using/provisioning Wifi, we cannot say with 100% certainty that the unit is definitly incapable of Wifi due to a lack of hardware support. Nor can we say that the hardware is definitely there without having an assembly drawing for our phones for comparison with the schematics already provided earlier within this thread... It is also possible that the wifi hardware has been integrated into one of the standard, seemingly "innocuous" chips on the board and that we would not be able to tell just by looking... The possibilities are numerous.

    However, it would not surprise me if the basic motherboard layout from the c/m versions has been used for the h version (with some connector mods to accommodate the additional two buttons added to the front panel on the h), including being populated with the same complete chipset. Depending upon any other differences between the c/m and the h, other layout mods may have been necessary as well... Obviously, the firmware has had to be modified to provide support for the additional buttons, as well as any other enhancements made, so it would be a very simple task to cripple Wifi within the firmware for the h for whatever reason. Perhaps Motorola is trying to reduce/clear out their inventory of the older Wifi-enabled models before enabling Wifi on the Q9h... who knows what the Marketing types are doing...

    Bottom line is that "official channels" at AT&T have been telling their sales staff that the Q9h is Wifi capable - and THEIR information had to have come from somewhere "official", not just from customers' wanting it to be true... So I do think there is more to the story than we "mere customers" have been told.

    With the job market the way it currently is, I would think it would be difficult to find any "Motorola insider" that would be willing to tell us anything that is corporate confidential for fear of being let go... Really can't blame anyone...

    JMHO... :wink: (sorry for the lengthy post...)

  16. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    im not sure how you think you can tell that the other Q's are wifi capable by looking at them

    there are NO wifi capable Q's for public consumption without a wifi card

    end of story
  17. nancygraz

    nancygraz New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome... :eek:hmy:

    No, one cannot determine WiFi ability visually. However, I was visually comparing the size of the three units in order to make a "SWAG" as to whether the Q9c/Q9m's motherboard could conceivably be used by as a starting point for the Q9h's motherboard without having to reinvent the wheel. Guess I didn't make that totally clear in my initial post. I apologize for the confusion if I implied that I could determine WiFi capability visually...

    HOWEVER, according to the Motorola webpage, the Q9m IS WiFi capable... Refer to the fifth bullet item listed at the following link...


    Apparently, the Q9c is not wifi capable - despite Motorola's WiFi FAQ indicating otherwise - for instance, refer to the listed Applicable Products shown on the following FAQ entry:


    I apologize for this error...
  18. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    i can assure that that must be a misprint as it does not have wifi capabilites
    also i see a like #1 above that statement (ie subtopic or explaination) and i dont see what that is refering to

    either way it aint there no matter what you try or do

    im sure it might have been mentioned in the nearly year its been out that it indeed does have wifi unless that is some sort of new model (but im pretty sure it isnt since verizon stopped carrying them awhile ago)
  19. kareljack

    kareljack Active Member

    It's very simple..... so simple that I dunno why this topic keeps coming up.
    None of the Q's have native wifi no matter what misprint is out there or what some misguided rep says.... none, zero, zip, zilch, nada.
    The only way to get wifi is by a wifi sd card.
    No amount of wishing, theoretical yammering, speculation is going to change this.
  20. Capt.Ron

    Capt.Ron Member

    So is there a WiFi Micro SD card available on the market today. I found a standard SD but no wifi.

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