Q9H remapping the SMS key

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    Remapping the SMS key

    I searched and searched and could not find this. Everything else I have at least been able to find something leading me in the right direction but nothing remotely close to this one. So I dug in the registry and found where to do it and am sharing in case the thread doesn't exist. Knowing me... it's somewhere obvious BUT I even searched the "APP1_Path" key you modify to change it and it said there wasn't anything with that name in the forums so I figure it's safe to post this as a new one :) If it exists already I apologize, I tried to my full extent to find a previous thread with it in it. I am a idiot noob when it comes to cell modding so this will probably cause your phone to sprout legs and run away, which I am not responsible for.

    OK... I didn't like the SMS program on my new (less than a week) Q9H. The SMS on my wife's phone was better than this thing... so I found one online I liked, but that shortcut key kept going back to the default one. I am lazy, I wanted to remap it. So the quest began.

    Long story short, use a Reg editor (it's like a gun, if you don't know how to use it or what it is stay away from them please) and in "\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keybd\" There is a little key called "APP1_Path"... It's default setting is "\windows\tmail.exe" (in case you mess it up and can't remember how to set it back or want to sell your cell or whatever).
    1) Delete that "windows\tmail.exe"
    2) Now replace it with whatever SMS program you want's file name (mine was "\Storage Card\Program Files\Program\SMS.exe" Just replace it with the location of your file's executable.

    The other little buttons are here in "\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keybd" also. For example "APP2_Path" is your media player, "APP3_Path" is your web browser, and so on.

    There are also some settings in here for what looks like the lights on the keys, (thoughts of modding my wife's to do morris code S.O.S. and mess with her run though my head, but she wouldn't get it and just think it was broken) but I'm not messing with anything more than I want. Probably re-map the media player later when I settle on which one to use as well.

    Some alternate idea's for those familiar with these things... program your SMS button, or whatever button to display a message like "Yes I'm banging my secretary and yours also! BOTH at the same time!" to get your wife to stop digging in your phone when she hits that SMS button :)

    Hope this helps someone out.

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