[Q9h] How to edit ROM WM 6.5

Discussion in 'Moto Q FAQ' started by sassyboy2412, Sep 12, 2010.

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    [Q9h] How to edit ROM WM 6.5

    I am using Q9h. I am also interesting in modding Q9h Rom. So anyone can help me how to extract the Rom WM6.5. And how to pack it after finishing?

  2. Semseddin

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    I am also interested about this. :)
  3. Tranzystor82

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    Something for you
    "If you want cook with this rom please following:
    step 1. use ezxcodec or sbf extract. to decompose this rom, and rename the CG33.smg as os.nb. this os.nb which we can cook with.
    step 2. use imgfstools to dump it and to merge it
    imgfsfromnb os.nb imgfs.bin
    imgfstodump imgfs.bin
    imgfsfromdump imgfs.bin imgfs-new.bin
    imgfstonb imgfs-new.bin os.nb os.nb.new
    step 3rd. rename os.nb.new as cg33.smg and then use ezxcodec to repack sbf."

    And you must have based rom - some european or oder because when you split file the crc must be the same .
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  4. Semseddin

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    Nice info, thanks bro !

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