Q9c/m to Ozone...worth it?

Discussion in 'HTC Snap | Ozone' started by mhans311, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. mhans311

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    Q9c/m to Ozone...worth it?

    I am considering making the jump from my Q9m/c hybrid to the HTC Ozone. I love my Q, but may be ready for something new. I would just like to hear opinions from those that have made the jump specifically from a Q9m or c to the Ozone. Was it a good upgrade? What do you like more about the Ozone than the Q9? How is the multimedia on the Ozone (pics and music specifically)?

    I think the main attraction I have to the Ozone is for the unlocked GPS and the faster processor.

    I have read a lot of the threads about the Ozone, but just wanted opinions from those that have used both phones. Thanks guys!
  2. azieba

    azieba New Member

    I made the jump from a Q9c 2 months ago.... And love it.

    --It is fast -- no delays/spinning circles at all (well except for web pages which is out of its control).
    --Battery life is phenominal - with GPS on all day, Bluetooth on all day but wifi turned off -I get twice as much battery life as I did with my Q9c (and that was with a new battery for the Q9c) if not more
    --Camera is fantastic -- The quality is way better than the Q and the included HTC app is a lot nicer than the stock WM6.1 version.
    --Seems more stable than the Q9c running WM6.1

    I really don't watch videos on mine. And the music experience is the tradtional Windows Media Player experience. However, HTC does include a streaming media app that works very nicely and I have watched a youtube video or two which it did very well.

    The form factor is much easier to hold and much more comfortable. However the keys are a little smaller than on the Q9c and it takes a few days to a week to get use to it. I would say that the Q9c only excels in two areas over the Ozone -- nicer keyboard and louder speakers -- but that gap is small.

    The only thing I wish the Ozone really had, which the Q9c also didn't have was a 3.5 mm headset port... I keep forgetting to charge my bluetooth headsets - but that's my problem.

    I was a big Motorola fan, had the MPX220, Q, Q9C -- but after owning the Ozone I am an even bigger fan of HTC. Moto makes hot and sexy stuff, but HTC makes stuff aimed at the user experience from custom apps to form factor that is more pleasing to the user. Next WM Phone I get will definitely be an HTC.
  3. mrchambo

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    Like the HTC HD2, whenever it gets here...

    Wow! What a phone...

  4. mhans311

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    So have you missed having a separate jack for the headphones and the charger? That is my biggest hang-up right now. Also wondering if you have tried the pandora app? I have heard of people having troubles with that. I don't use it a ton right now, but I do every once in awhile. Thanks!

    -posted from my Q
  5. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Active Member

  6. rjones383

    rjones383 New Member

    If you can get over the headphone jack and no flash on the camera everything else is equal to or better.
  7. gnath9

    gnath9 New Member

    If your on VZW ... the Droid is well worth the cash. I very rarely use my latop since I got one. It also makes me feel as tho I am getting full use of my data plan.
  8. gorgarath

    gorgarath New Member

    Droid wasn't out when I upgraded, else I probably would have tried to get work to get me one of those instead, but I'm quite happy with the Ozone. The only thing I miss from my Q9 is the flash. It also made a handy flashlight.
  9. mhans311

    mhans311 Member

    Well I decided to take the plunge and got the Ozone. I did not have $200 to spend on a Droid or I may have considered it. The fact that the Ozone was free was probably the biggest draw. I have also played with a friend's Droid and found it hard to type on (the physical keyboard is basically useless and I don't really like touch keyboards).

    There are only three things that I miss about my Q9m. The keyboard, the flash, and the speakers. I have gotten used to the Ozone keyboard though without much trouble. Everything else is much faster. Pocket snes runs smoother, youtube is much clearer, and all apps open much faster. I also am loving the unlocked GPS.

    Overall I am very happy with my choice and I think I will be sticking with this phone for a long time. If anyone else is trying to decide if they want to move from the Q9m/c to the Ozone, I would recommend it.
  10. mking8288

    mking8288 Member

    That's good to know. My 11 months old Q9c has begun acting up more frequently within the past 3 months, rebooting itself being the most annoying - called VZ's Tech. Support & they located a replacement, being FedEx out by Monday. Otherwise, I would've likely ended up with a different model like the HTC. I'm eligible for an early upgrade next month with corporate discount so I might end up getting a HTC anyway - with the Q9c being a spare.

    How's that unlocked GPS working out with Google Map as I would be glad to take advantage of that functionality & not having to worry switching our Garmin GPS back & forth between 2 vehicles.
  11. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    never happened...been basically given up on
  12. mhans311

    mhans311 Member

    The unlocked GPS works really well with Google Maps. The phone comes with a program called QuickGPS that allows you to download satellite data once a week and helps lock on to your location much faster. It locks on in about 2 seconds. I am currently looking for an app that will give turn-by-turn directions...thinking about Copilot.
  13. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    i thought he was referring to the Q9?
  14. mhans311

    mhans311 Member

    Oh, if he meant the Q9, then obviously the GPS is locked and doesn't work. I figured he was talking about the Ozone since he said he was thinking of upgrading from his Q9c and I said how much I am enjoying the unlocked GPS on my Ozone.
  15. gnath9

    gnath9 New Member

    lol... no worries Bud I get lost in threads all the time :dft011:tounge_out

    I am surprised they gave up ... they sure had alot of work into that.
  16. mking8288

    mking8288 Member

    Thanks all for the helpful replies & yes, I was referring to the Ozone's unlocked aGPS with Google Maps. Since VZ somehow managed to get me under the warranty a refurbished (new ??) Q9c this week, I will get 4 weeks to decide on whether to go for the Ozone (it should be free under my early upgrade option & with the 22% corporate discount plan) or another HTC.

    I've been following the threads about folks spending endless hours trying to get the Q9c GPS function to unlock & work with Google Maps & basically given up. In special situations, I do not mind paying $2.99 a day or whatever to use VZ Navigator but not going to pay extra monthly for it, but there are times where the Garmin is in the alternative vehicle & it's just a pain to switch back & forth or spend more for a 2nd. device.

    I now use a debranded, unlocked quad-band SE Z750a with prepaid AT&T SIM & running Google Maps on it with unlocked GPS is sweet, but it does burn data bytes so I try to keep usage to a minimum unless ....

    The Ozone's global option /quad-band GSM is very useful for me since I carry backup mobile devices (nature of my job & reserve status, being on call 24/7/365) & once unlocked using the subsidy code, I can use it for either T-Mo or AT&T, and will only need to carry a 2nd. GSM phone instead of having a 3rd. one in the backpack or shoulder bag.

    I will probably do a bit more online research & head over to Best Buy to check out the look, feel & touch, etc. of various HTC phones vs. the touch screen ones (Moto, etc.)

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