Q11 Flash Rom

Discussion in 'Moto Q 11' started by mislatero, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. mislatero

    mislatero New Member

    Q11 Flash Rom

    my cellphone Q11 work very poorly

    this is my firmware version: R4W811_G_01.00.57R1

    I think it is a trial version or beta. ​


    people living in brazil what version of firmware do you have?
  2. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift New Member

    can you ask us what your phone issue is?
  3. mislatero

    mislatero New Member

    now these are the versions of firmware for the motorolaQ11

    Q11_R4W811_G_01.00.60R_R4W811_G_11.60.23I Date: 2009-03-26


    Q11_R4W811_G_01.00.60R_R4W811_G_11.60.23I Date: 2009-03-26

    Download: http://motoqspanish.com/forum/showthread.php?t=143

  4. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift New Member

    umm i went to google and found about 6 websites with this firware on it...I would suggest there
  5. mislatero

    mislatero New Member

    I made a backup of my rom.
  6. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift New Member

    before we go any further...exactly what is the issue with your phone. Maybe we can help instead of break phone
  7. mislatero

    mislatero New Member

    the problem is that my cell phone software is beta.

    I can edit anything. if I want i can to clear the settings menu

  8. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift New Member

    keep trying, ill continue searching for this rom, but so far the only place im finding it is on google and the provided link.
  9. esacton

    esacton Guest

    Q11 flash next year probably will follow suit. As of today the Q11 doesn't have it. Will most likely need the hardware to support it.
  10. mislatero

    mislatero New Member

    I could made a backup of my Q11 and work very fine.

    So I could get 3 roms 1 american version, 2 Asia version.
  11. guerreirobagual

    guerreirobagual New Member

    Brazilian Q11 ROM

    i'm a MotoQ11 user from Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, and my rom version is R4W811_G_11.60.19I_SVN02

    Thanks for all!
  12. dkim36

    dkim36 New Member

    I'm not able to find this firmware Q11_R4W811_G_01.00.60R_R4W811_G_11.60.23I
    Also, can some one pm me? I don't know how to flash rom into my napoleon.

  13. Sathanvs

    Sathanvs New Member

    This rom isn't made for the napoleon. You need a rom made for the nap to flash it or you will brick it. Hell, you can brick it even if the rom is made for the nap. A wise man once told me..."Don't flash your nap unless you are having issues with the current flash on the phone, you can brick it very easily". Thanks for the advice MOTOMANIAC! lol.

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