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Discussion in 'Q Home Screens and Wallpapers' started by CodeGuy, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. CodeGuy

    CodeGuy New Member

  2. Diggs

    Diggs New Member

    Great theme! The only thing I would change would be to move missed calls. voice mail and email to the top.
  3. Quie

    Quie New Member

    I agree, great theme. I would also move the email, v mail and missed calls up in the screen. Would it also be possible to keep the top area with your battery, clock, signal strength stationary as you scroll down through the screen? Would be cool!
  4. CodeGuy

    CodeGuy New Member

    So you guys would rather have the application links on page 2 of the home screen? Unfortunately, all of those plugins (missed calls, voicemail, email, etc...) take up one line per each. My thinking was to keep all the "quick" access items at the top, since the icon bar will tell you if you need to scroll down and view the other stuff. Guess I could always do another version that moves all that stuff up and just let people pick which they would rather have :) About the icon bar, I wish there was a way to keep it from scrolling off the screen as well, but as far as I know, -everything- on the screen scrolls when you go past that last line. I DO have an idea for an ultra cool plugin that would solve some of these issues though, and as soon as I learn how to write plugins, I will probably just give it away for free. First I have to finish my Notepad app though <grin>, which I also plan on giving away for free to EverythingQ members.
  5. Quie

    Quie New Member

    Is there anyway to have the upcoming appts on the home screen include all appts for the week instead of for the day only?
  6. SDMahan

    SDMahan New Member

    The standard plugins only allow the ability to show 1 All Day Event and 1 Appointment. You can purchase a 3rd party plugin called Facade if you are looking for more appointment/task information on your homescreen. Facade can be found at SBSH Mobile Software - Making smaller bigger
  7. veroson

    veroson New Member

    CodeGuy, i actually love the screen as is. It's the only one i've seen that has the email line on the next page (scroll). I prefer that for when i lay my phone down somewhere (at a dinner party or even restaurant table), at least the link to my email isn't right there in the open for easy access. I know it's more handy for some people to have email on first screen, but seem like most all the layout screens do that already. Yours is different! I have the missed call icon at top of screen (and also Don'TForget); so i don't mind having missed calls on 2nd scr.

    only change i made was to replace 'Tasks' with IExplorer. Forget about the tasks!
  8. wotznew

    wotznew New Member

    Beautiful Job, I Love It
  9. BiggaBear

    BiggaBear New Member

    great theme...thanks for sharing it with us!
  10. mpovolo

    mpovolo New Member

    Anyone knoe how to get rig of the white line at the bottom of the screen. The last row for some reason is not blue.
  11. robjobe

    robjobe New Member

    Wow, people. Ok, I am brand new to smartphones. Who is available to give me a good tutorial on how to change and download new screens, good financial/budget programs, etc.
  12. inf3st

    inf3st New Member

    A good search of the forums would answer all your questions.
  13. bhotte

    bhotte New Member

    &quot;Q&quot; Theme

    Great theme. Thanks for posting it.
    I am having one problem. When viewing calendar I get white letters on a light blue/white striped background which can't be read. When I cursor over the appointment, it is black on blue which is fine. Same it true for profile page, I can't see the profile checked unless cursor is on the profile.
    I have default color and default background set and have tried replacing both graphic and XML file. Everything else works great.
    Any idea what I have set wrong?

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