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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by Stryker, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. beargibs

    beargibs New Member

    Read the "moto q hacks" sticky page guys!

    read the sticky hack guys, it has all the information ur asking about and more! u need a registry editor (phm is a free one) to access the registry.
  2. JMak

    JMak New Member

    Sorry for bringing up an old, old thread, but I'd thought I'd start here rather than cluttering up the official hack thread.

    So I get my new Q9c yesterday, find this site, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. So I find this official hack thread...nice work, fellas. Piece of cake, right? Not for this newbie.

    After several frustrating hours I run through Mobile Registry Editor and then tried Resco and BOOM! I can edit the registry. Took a few tries but I got it to work.

    My service provider is Sprint. As noted above, I have the Q9c. I tried the first speed hack but when I got to the registry entry I ha, I think, only two options:

    (default) (value not set)
    limit 0x10000 (65536)

    Do I need to edit one of these or is the limit line telling me that the device is already set at 65536. I think it's telling me that it's already set,but being new to reg edits, well, I'm not sure. Can anyone add some insight?

    Also, did the second speed hack and worked great. Changed the value from0 to 4096 and now my screens are flying by...

    Thanks, y'all.
  3. chopper1999

    chopper1999 New Member

    Great hack

    Very easy even for a newbie like me.
  4. peppersghost

    peppersghost New Member

    Should I change it to 65535 or 32768? Is there some kind of con to making this change like battery life?
  5. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    start with the lower #. Some say it reduced battery life others don't. Increasing the cache size did more for me than the other.
  6. peppersghost

    peppersghost New Member

    So cache to 4096 should be set? I don't really realize a difference.
  7. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    I noticed some, had a bunch of stuff loaded on Q and not much free space at the time. Haven't redone it after the last master reset.
  8. peppersghost

    peppersghost New Member

    Oh well my Q is one day old so that's probably why, haha.
  9. etherga

    etherga New Member

    Worked like a charm. Many thanks! BTW, for those of you who had trouble using the above listed reg. edit software. Download PHM editor. Worked for me when the others wouldnt (maybe some vista conflict?).
  10. tthumpit

    tthumpit New Member

    speed hack

    works well - hell yeah! any new hacks to make my q faster still?
  11. Bozz

    Bozz New Member

    For those that struggled with this one, the solution is simple..........


    It gives you a place to plug in those figures and whalla -- done.

  12. darkdomino

    darkdomino New Member

    Well, frankly... I'm removing this hack from my phone. Yes, it speeds up your phone... however I am experiencing what I can only describe as erratic battery behavior.

    The phone's battery life has really taken a hit. It became a big problem especially while I was traveling. I have to constantly have this thing plugged in because even with a full charge it manages to die on me in only a few hours... even with light use.

    eh... not sure about this one guys. I may try the default CPU speed for a while and see what happens.
  13. Mrrlyn

    Mrrlyn New Member

    You dont have the GPS activator turned on by chance, do you? Thats one of the few things that I know will suck battery juice like no tomorrow, running in the back ground (as I'm assuming that you run a clean taskmanager and shut apps after use).
  14. multislaya

    multislaya New Member

    seems to work

    I did this and it seems to go through menus and perform actions quicker. Its hard for me to tell, I've only had the phone for a week.

    In order to access the files described, you need to install a registry editor on your phone. (that's what I did, I'm not a professional or expert)

    The one I installed is called Resco. I installed it on my phone, and it created shortcuts on my start menu. You'll find the files in the registry editor. Proceed at your own risk.
  15. kickasspats

    kickasspats New Member

    This is a really dumb question.. but it works with the q9c right? I dont want my new phone to break on me because it doesnt work...
  16. I8qbert

    I8qbert Active Member

    ^^^I think your Q is already set this way. You can look at the registry and confirm before you do it
  17. bmx07014

    bmx07014 New Member

    q8 5.0

    will this work with a moto q8 not the newer q9 and also i have 5.0 not 6.0

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