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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by Stryker, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. casemods

    casemods New Member

    Damn, I was thinking of that a week ago but forgot to reply...

    Always make sure to task manager and kill all when not using the Q.

    I always do that and I maintain the best battery life.

    Windows media player uses about 80% of the RAM which IMO = battery power.

    Is there some sort of program that can kill all programs running? Or does time out after 5 minutes do that?
  2. Aries

    Aries New Member

    my q's running great now...ive been watching my task manager and killing apps after use and now i never even have to woryy about battery life...the hack worked as well...still havent had a problem and its running fast and working fine.....it was obviously the apps running in the background that was killing my battery cause i havent had my q plugged in for almost 3 days now and still have a bar of life left...lol...

    ive pretty much stopped using the wall charger as well...the usb hookup charges the phone way faster...i jus plug it in qat work every couple days and it seems to be keeping its charge...

    therefor i reccoment this hack to every q owner...makes the phone respond and operate alot better....
  3. casemods

    casemods New Member

    I'm not so sure of that...

    Teh wall charger is only power, while the USB cord also tries to send data...

    Does that convince anyone? lol:laugh2:
  4. Aries

    Aries New Member

    well i sure am! i jus charged my q from one bar of power remaining to fully charged in about 25 minutes by usb....wall charger takes a good 2 hours...
  5. casemods

    casemods New Member

    Damn! Then why can't you charge the Q from a dead battery with the USB?

    I think the USB might be giving it a quick charge, but I'm not sure...

    Hmm now I don't know how to charge the q :foot:
  6. bingocass

    bingocass New Member

    The hack does work and make the Q move faster but, I'm having the same issue as someone else, my Q wont sync with my laptop or pc. I was wondering does anyone know the original settings that come with the Q so I can switch them back to see if this is occuring because of the hack?
  7. casemods

    casemods New Member

    How much stuff on the Q do you not want to lose?

    You can backup any song/videos/pictures on your PC.

    Same with contacts and calender.
  8. bingocass

    bingocass New Member

    All of those are currently backed up on my laptop. Are you suggesting a hard reset?
  9. bingocass

    bingocass New Member

    I reset my laptop and my phone and it worked. The phone was back to normal and it synced with the laptop. Thanks for the response though.
  10. casemods

    casemods New Member

    I always format my hard drive every month or so.

    Glad you fixed it :smile:
  11. ipsiloe

    ipsiloe New Member

    This is the best hack ever! my IE and programs work so much faster YEAH!!!
  12. reklisammy

    reklisammy New Member

    help me out a litle bit here. where or how do I get to the hkey?
  13. casemods

    casemods New Member

    What mobile registry editor do you have?
  14. acr4life

    acr4life New Member

    do these hacks work for the q 9m? are they WM6 compatible?
  15. wledvina

    wledvina New Member

    When I go int othe registry to do these hacks i go to
    then I select values, then menu when limit is selected, and new value...then do I want to select String and enter 32768??????? It says to change it from 16384 to 32768 but I don't even see the 16384 in there to start with????

    On the second one
    I find CacheSize. Do I want to put 4096 in for the string value.

    Sorry I am new to this sort of thing.
  16. mbrevard

    mbrevard New Member

    Alrighty. For those of you that are using Mobile Registry Editor the above link for the AEConfig zip does not work any longer. I was able to find it here. You have to download the whole UnlockAudioVox5600Apps.zip . Just extract AEConfig. To install follow these steps.

    * Make sure you have ActiveSync installed and your phone connected via USB or serial port.
    * Download AEConfig
    * Unzip the file
    * Copy the "Disable Security" shortcut in "Storage\Windows\Start Menu"
    * Copy "AEConfig.exe" and "DisableSecurity.xml" in the "Temp" folder
    * Now on your Smartphone run "disable security" from your phones start menu
    * You should be prompted that it worked (might take a bit)
  17. xgrewellx

    xgrewellx New Member

    Make sure you have your computer set to view hidden files and folders.

    while in windows explorer click Tools --> Folder Options.

    Then click on the view tab then click the radio button that says: "Show hidden files and folders"

    Also, not sure if this is specific to vista or not, but you need to also uncheck "Hide Protected Operating System Files"

    I had to do that last one to get it to show up on my computer.
  18. Evan

    Evan New Member

    question, i have the demo version, when it expires will the hacks still be in place and i will just be unable to use the program to edit them? or does it delete what i did...
  19. WeldFire

    WeldFire New Member

    Every thing should still be edited some things reset like the internet speed hack reset every once in wahile.
  20. Evan

    Evan New Member

    sounds good thanks...one last question...the one area that i have noticed that my q9m is slow is when you type in a name (not going to the contact list) and then the numbers show up with the names under it. If you scroll down to a name and select "text", it takes a few seconds for the text to come up. I did the speed hack and it didn't really help the issue. Any idea?

    this problem is just a little irritating since ill start typing and the text message box isn't up yet

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