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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by Stryker, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. johnmichaels4801

    johnmichaels4801 New Member

    Much Gratitude...

    Thanks so much for the information. This is my first multimedia phone and I am so "geeked" (pun intended). :tounge:

    Oh yeah, and the hacks work great...
  2. tpipher1

    tpipher1 New Member

    It's mine too and I love this place! Thanks to everyone for making my life with Q the best!
  3. ThePhoner

    ThePhoner New Member

    MotoQ no menu appears after an hard reset

    After a hard reset on my MotoQ i turn it on When i press Start (left soft key) it give me a blank screen. I cant see nothing in the menu. so may someone help fix this problem.
  4. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    Changed mine to this setting. I definetly think it has helped!
  5. ThePhoner

    ThePhoner New Member


    help me fix da problem. I can t even browse to anything in da phone
    na. And i dont know if an upgrade will helpful. Help please!!!!!!!!:angry:
  6. ThePhoner

    ThePhoner New Member


    help me please i cant even browse to anything in da phone na. So if u got an answer let me Know. help PLEASE!!!!!!!!:angry:
  7. boodad1

    boodad1 New Member

    help dash

    hey will this work on a tmobile dash i do it but it just goes back to original value no matter what i do?
  8. MotoElement

    MotoElement New Member

    I did this hack, and went with the 32k number and I see a big improvment.

    I was hoping someone could answer the questions that have been asked in this thread, but not answered;

    1. What potential damage can be done to the phone/system by upping it to 32k ... what about up to the 60k ?

    2. Does it drain your battery life quicker?

    3. Why wouldn't Motorola do this in the first place if it makes the phone run faster, there has to be a side effect somewhere right?

    Thanks for all the knowledge (in advance)!
  9. Motorsports989

    Motorsports989 New Member

    I was thinking the exact same thing...i changed mine to the 32k number as well and 4096 for the other...why wouldnt these be default numbers?
    I'm not sure whether anyone would have a concrete answer to this, but if you do, I'd love to hear it:2cool:
  10. Coldheat06

    Coldheat06 New Member

    Just did the change and I can really tell a difference!!! Thanks
  11. K3MPO

    K3MPO New Member

    basically you are just telling the Q that it can use MORE CACHE for programs. It is like your virtual memory on your desktop.. changing these numbers will NOT drain your battery any faster and will not hurt your phone UNLESS you

    1. Have used alot of the memory on your phone
    2. set it to less than 16000

    This hack worked great on my phone and I used the 32mb setting.

    BTW there are other reg editors that are FREE and do the job just as quick.
    PHM is one that I use and it works great!


  12. Bert336

    Bert336 New Member

    A++++ for this hack! thanks!! :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  13. Aries

    Aries New Member

    thx im on sasktel up here in canada and mines working great on the 6 setting and 4096...shes a fast lil bugger now!
  14. casemods

    casemods New Member

    "Access is denied"

    I have tried to use enable RAPI and it still says access denied when I ran the .bat like instructed.
  15. Aries

    Aries New Member


    K um..i dont know whuts up now??I didnt plug my q in last night and i woke up this morning and the battery was basically dead...now im spooked that this hack has somthin to do with it?or mabye im not shutting down programs properly or somthing??anyway it def made my phone faster but my q has never died like that over night?im pretty sure it had 3 bars of juice left when i put it down last night...
  16. winotree

    winotree New Member

    Hack Should be OK

    HEY ARIES! This hack should be safe. I did it on or before 18 August and was impressed at the increased speed and ability of my Grey Sprint Q! Let's hope you only forgot to charge your fone (not saying that's what happened) but after trying this hack--I ain't lookin' back!

    Let us all hear what happens next...
  17. Aries

    Aries New Member

    will do... im a newer user so im still in the trouble shooting phase and theres so much i can do with this thing i guess im bound to have some kind of problems along the way...*knocks on wood.
  18. casemods

    casemods New Member

    Is this safe?
  19. st4r50

    st4r50 New Member

    Thanks for the speed!! woot
  20. Bert336

    Bert336 New Member

    im in the same boat as Aries. usually when i go to bed i have 3 bars left around (10pm or so) when i wake up aroun 5or so its either bout to die with the low batt msg or is sitting at 1 bar... errrr maybe i need to go to task manager and kill all the apps before i got to bed?

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