Q / Jawbone Issues

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by QManBen, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Q / Jawbone Issues

    Hi All,

    I recently got a standard Q (on Verizon). I already had a Jawbone so of course thats the BT I want to use. I noticed connectivity issues right away, and last night traded the phone for a new one, only to have the same problems with the new one.

    I did a search on here and it seems this is a well known, and documented issue. The most recent posts I found were from July though. Does anyone know if Moto has come out with a software fix since then?

    Ive tried many, many BT's with all my previous phones and the Jawbone is the only one with acceptable noise cancellation. Most of my BT use is in my car, so this is very important, and the reason I got this BT. Since its not exactly a cheap BT I really dont want to spend the cash for a different one.

    Any suggestions?
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    welcome aboard..

    i have to guess your Q has the latest firmware (which i don't if that even had a BT fix) i have had connectivity issues with my headset only 1. when i used Candlelight and 2. with various headsets such as the Jabra BT150, Motorola H500 and Plantronics 655 + 645. i used the Plantronics 510 for ~10 months (every workday, 8-10 hours a/day) and for the last month or so i am using the Plantronics 520 without any issues.

    i am not saying it is the headset, but experimenting with a different headset may exclude possible culprits.
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    Verizon doesn't know anything about it...

    This is not a known issue at Verizon. Their official position on this is that they have never heard of this problem before, that's according to the director of Customer Service who handles one of the two call centers that handle tech support calls.

    Those tech support centers use a knowledge base to help their reps answer questions. There's nothing in the knowledge base about this, according to the director who I finally was able to reach after hours spent trying to pierce the call center veil (where reps try to convince you that they really don't know anything about the chain of command at the company where they work).

    When our customer service rep suggested that the new phones work correctly and correct a known defect and that we simply buy them and extend our contract by 2 years, we hit the ceiling and I've spent a good week trying to document this problem, and more specifically, why so many postings on so many forums complain about this problem, why products that are sold in Verizon stores admit the problems on their own websites, yet somehow Verizon is out of the loop.

    From the jawbone website http://www.jawbone.com/support_faq_us.php:

    3. Is the Jawbone compatible with the Motorola Q?

    Although Bluetooth is a standard, not all Bluetooth is uniformly configured, causing potential compatibility issues between some phones and Bluetooth headsets. Currently, the Bluetooth on the Motorola Q is configured differently than on most phones resulting in compatibility issues with the Jawbone. While we have seen a few encouraging posts on forums regarding the new Q9m, until the Q Bluetooth configuration is closer to other phones on the market, we are unable to recommend our headset for use with it at this time.

    Our calls alone to technical support over the last 18 months should have given rise to at least a notation, but tech support records are not retained.

    So, after I got our problem escalated into upper management at Verizon, I was told that they definitely would make these phones work with the jawbone. I sent them a long document detailing all the hoops we've jumped through with Verizon in the past 18 months, and described how we could do the testing so that once and for all this problem could be documented in their knowledge base so that they would never again tell callers to tech support that they have never heard of this problem.

    Today, I get a call from the sales department, who was asked by tech support to call me and see if we could work out a way to solve this by another method. The deal's not done yet, but it involves replacing the phones at no charge without extending the contract. This would, of course, remove any need for customer service to make them work as they should, or make a notation in their knowledge base about this.

    It appears that there either is a defect in the phone itself that causes bluetooth devices to be unstable (you see that in a number of ways from rings going one place and talk path another to random unpairing and repairing), or that Verizon's modification of the bluetooth capabilities of the phone causes it to underperform. Since Verizon is taking the flat denial route, its hard to determine the truth.

    Customer Service at Jawbone reported to me that they had an independent testing lab confirm that the Q9m works correctly with the jawbone, and that they have never formally advised Verizon or Motorola of the problems with the phone/headset combination that they acknowledge on their website.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hmm, I have a Jawbone that I was using with my Razr before purchased the Q9M in Mid-Nov. It works for me but I did notice that it has randomly disconnected. I thought that the battery was just low however, this post is making me wonding if it's something more. I really don't use it that often so maybe a power user would experience the disconnect more than others. I had no problem pairing it to the Q9m. My biggest issue is over all volume, I just don't feel like it's loud enough. This has to be with the Q9M because I didn't have this problem when it was paired with my Razr.
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    Come to find out, jawbone redesigned the product to work better, but has chosen--at least the last time I looked--to not share that information with its user base on its web page.

    In the next few days I'll try and capsulize the information, including how you can tell which jawbone is which.
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    This is good information. As soon as you get it posted, I will make sure to pass this on to Motorola's support forum among a few other key individuals.
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    Any updated information on this topic?


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