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Discussion in 'Sprint' started by betulike2know, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. sarahjane936

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    Response from Sprint eCare

    "Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel. I apologize that you are having difficulties sending picture mail from your phone. I will be more than happy to assist you with this matter. To send picture mail from your windows mobile device you will have to send as an attachment in an email. You will need to set up and email account on your phone. Once you have set up the email account you will then be able to send as an attachment in an email. Since you will be sending as an email you will need to send in a certain format so the other phone will receive. If you are sending to another Sprint phone you will send email to 10digitphonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com. Here is a list of other providers. I have also provided a link that you can visit that has a list of all provider sms email address. Cingular 10DigitPhoneNumber@mobile.mycingular.com
    Nextel 10DigitPhoneNumber@messaging.nextel.com
    T-Mobile 10DigitPhoneNumber@tmomail.net
    Verizon 10DigitPhoneNumber@vtext.com
    ALLTEL 10DigitPhoneNumber@message.alltel.com. Here is link for the list http://www.supcast.com/providers.txt. The other phone will receive as a regular picturemail text message you will just have to send a different way."
    Hope this helps. I'm updating my address book with additional email addresses.
  2. malatesta

    malatesta New Member

    Narodk, if you read my post above I addressed this issue. I'm one of the mods over at ppcgeeks and that program you are referring too was not actually done by us but had been extracted I think by someone at pdaphonehome on the 6700. It just happens to work for any WM5 ppc device but not smartphone.

    To reiterate: the process is not just copying a couple files over. It's easiest when you have a ROM upgrade since all the files are then in .cab form and you can more easily separate/extract from the ROM, then port it over. Motorola's ROM upgrader veers from more traditional systems like HTC's so it's more difficult to crack open.

    Maybe if we had a clean Verizon and a clean Sprint Q would could do a side by side and try to do it but we'd need a small team to do so. Being a smartphone, it tends to not attract the geekiest of the geeks and there is a lot less motivation to do (case in point: I don't really care about picturemail one bit, so I haven't bothered trying to go any further with the project).
  3. D-Easy

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    Ok so after my many hours of trying the "sms backdoor" I still havent gotten it to work. I been trying to send a picture to my nextel phone and all i get is who the email came from and the 10digitnumber@messaging.nextel.com. I tried changing the outgoing server to smtp.sprint.com & smtp.sprintpcs.com and get an error message that the outgoing server can not be reached. I dont know what else to do or to try. So........... if anyone can help, please do.
  4. narodk

    narodk New Member

    well I do have both phones and don't mind doing a master reset and putting them side by side to figure it out. If there is a way that I can make this happen. i will be more than happier to do it. Thanks
  5. Joe_G

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    ..lurking for an answer... I switched to Sprint in 2005 because of picturemail, can't believe this phone makes it so difficult. If bluetooth worked worth a darn on my Treo 700p I'd go back. It does everything else so well.
  6. crippler19

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    the work around by sending pictures through e-mail is nice if you know the person's carrier, but what happens if you don't know it? Now granted I usually only send pics to a few people who's carrier I do know but still. Plus I have found out in the last couple says, which is the oposite from what Sprint told me before, is if you want to receive picture mail to your phone as normal(not e-mail) you have to have the Picture Mail vision pack.
  7. Span1975

    Span1975 New Member

    I have tried several times to send picture mail through pocket hotmail on my Q. Most of my friends have Verizon so I compose a message, insert the pic, send it off and go to send/receive to send it on it's way. I have tried 2 different options:


    I successfully sent 2 and then I got nothing but error messages.

    This is very frustrating that Verizon has MMS and Sprint does not. If I had known that going in I would have switched over.
  8. sarahjane936

    sarahjane936 New Member

    Just figured this out

    These instructions don't work - exactly. You have to address sprint emails to: 10DigitPhoneNumber@pm.sprint.com. I haven't played with any other carriers yet.
  9. Span1975

    Span1975 New Member

    Here is the error I get in my hotmail after I use the 10digit@vzwpix.com

    Message could not be delivered to mobile.
    Error: Wap Encoding Error

    When I send the image to 10digit@vtext.com the image does not show up.
  10. Da-nteg

    Da-nteg New Member

    Wow, picture mail... i was excited for a minute, lol
  11. mssgrnspc1972

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    Picture Mail On Moto Q

    I am not sure if we are referring to the same thing. You can take pictures on your moto Q phone and send them and receive them but you have to set up a email account on the phone. On other cellphones you are able to send the picture through text message with no problem. With this phone you have to pull up the hotmail account on the phone insert the picture you have to know the other parties phone email address you can not just enter the # you would to text message for instance it has to read. mssgrnspc1972@pm.sprintpcs.com but of course it has to be the picture mail name associated with the phone. It is kind of a pain to get that info because most people do not know it. I have know idea how you would do it for other cellphone providers. I can tell you when you call in you need to ask for Tier 2 tech support because that is finally where I had to go to set it up and hope you get someone knowledgeable it took me 2 hours and 4 people. Hope this helps:wink:

  12. Nicole

    Nicole New Member

    Ok.............I found something that works......at least for me it did.

    I am a sprint customer, 6yrs now, and love them. I have the Q and love it, but like to send picture mail ALOT. Here is what I found out.

    I have a friend on Verizon, I try sending him "picture mail". I set up my Sprint PCS mail account. Then I tried sending a picture to him from the address he sent one to me on..........this failed. So I went to the verizon web site and a couple of forums and found this out.

    If I send an email through my Sprint PCS account to 10digitnumber@vzwpix.com, it goes through and he is able to see the picture I sent. Not sure how this works on other carriers, but it works for me from Sprint to Verizon, as "picture mail" of sorts.

    Hope this helps.....
  13. narodk

    narodk New Member

    Sorry to tell you this but that is old news. we already know about that. Thanks Though!!
  14. Cheb75

    Cheb75 New Member

    Thats all hunky dory but, the thing is, it shouldnt be that difficult. Sprints picture mail should work just like all the others without the hassles of special email addresses and special numbers to type out. :(

    maybe someday...
  15. Nicole

    Nicole New Member

    I agree totally......with the technology this phone has, it shouldn't be this big of a hassle.
  16. mssgrnspc1972

    mssgrnspc1972 New Member

    Picture Mail On Moto Q

    Well I like the phone but I must agree that it is difficult at times. I remember the first time I called customer service about the picture mail and they asked me what type of phone I had. I told the the Moto Q and the lady was like or Lord and started laughing. She told me that the phone was nice but very complicated. I notice that I have to update my vision service and reboot alot to get on line too.
  17. Mobile Joe

    Mobile Joe New Member

    Yeah! And the best part is everytime someone mails me a picture, I get to pay 10¢ to 15¢ per pic. As the notification is received as a text message.

  18. indyx

    indyx New Member

    Well that's what happens when you have a $450 txt msg capable smartphone on a plan without text messaging... you get charged per txt msg.
  19. aggieman

    aggieman New Member

    I have to agree. With Sprint, no reason not to pony up the $10 for unlimited SMS/pix msgs.
  20. indyx

    indyx New Member

    If you engineer your question/request to CS right you might even get it added for free, or unlimited txt for the price of 300 etc...:smile:

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