Proclip Mount for Q + Case?

Discussion in 'Motorola Q Accessories' started by cmdace18, Feb 22, 2007.

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    Proclip Mount for Q + Case?

    I just got the proclip mount for my black q. I have yet to install it. I put my Q into the mount, and its perfectly snug. My question is, when I get my Vaja Case for the Q, I know it wont fit as-is. As anyone tried to modify the ProClip mount to accomodate for a case? I called proclip, and they suggested that I try the adjustable Ipod clip. Width wise, it would be perfect for the q with a case, since the millimeters fall in the range. However, the ipod is thicker, so the Q wouldnt sit upright. It would be tilted back, and not 100% securly in place.

    Anyone have pictures of their setup of their Q with a case using the proclip system?


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