Problems syncing Q and mac with Missing Sync

Discussion in 'Mac and Motorola Q' started by gvogt, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. gvogt

    gvogt New Member

    Problems syncing Q and mac with Missing Sync

    Missing Sync isn't working right and I can find no explanations.

    When I sync iCal and Q, Missing Sync repeatedly erases my entire calendar or task file, even when I ask it to overwrite the Q. The log file doesn't tell me why. I often have to sync it 3 or 4 times to get it to work right. It has never synced my tasks right, it only overwrites.

    Even when I use this overwrite function, it inexplicably changes the times on my iCal at random. Why would it change the iCal entry if it is overwriting the Q?

    I have been very unsuccessful at syncing Entourage, even though that's my main system. When I sync Entourage and the Q, it often does not accurately identify the due date of the Task. And it started to change the time zone on my Entourage calendar entries to Moravia at random, even though my default in Entourage is set to EST and and even though I'm asking Entourage to overwite the Q.

    Why isn't this working correctly? Why is it so unstable and unpredictable?
  2. Big_V

    Big_V New Member

    Are you syncing only with Entourage? Have you tried syncing only with iCal?
  3. gvogt

    gvogt New Member

    I tried syncing with Entourage at one time, but it caused so many problems that I had to go back to syncing only Ical and Address Book. Syncing with Entourage simply doesn't work properly and leads to too many problems to rely on it. The syncing with I cal caused my problems.

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