Problem with Yahoo a/c mobile connect from Q9H

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by Chantty, Aug 12, 2009.

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    Problem with Yahoo a/c mobile connect from Q9H

    Hi Folks,

    I have installed and enabled the Blackberry service in my handset from the vodafone service provider.

    1) its allowing me to configure only 3 email accounts, Is there any other way to configure more that 3 accounts.

    2) Especially on Yahoo accounts, whenever i am sending or forwarding the emails to others its not getting delivered, But its getting in sending item and seems to be delivered, rest of two accounts are working very well. i am facing problem only in my yahoo account. Is there any problem in yahoo account for Q9h or is there any other settings required for this yahoo problem.

    Please advice me in this regard.


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    Yahoo does not allow forwarding of E-mails if you have a account.
    They would require a yahoo plus account for these services.
    However i tried a trick to get around it.

    To enable the POP3 access for your free yahoo mail account, all you have to change is the preferred content, setting it to Asia.

    Select Options->Mail Options, then Account, followed by “Add or edit an account”.

    Don't be afraid to click the "Add or edit an account" link. It will take you to the old Yahoo Mail interface, but this change is only temporary.

    Select, the Accounts link on the left of the windows that opens. From the window that opens, select “Account Information” on the left. Then, set: Preferred Content: Yahoo Asia, by clicking on the Edit link

    Logout and login.

    Then, you can enable POP access and change settings, by clicking, from the mail inbox:

    Options -> Mail Options -> POP & Forwarding

    And you are done.

    I use the yahoo account without the blackberry service (Using free push E-Mail clients) to rreap the benefits.

    Yeah dont tell me I know I am a cheapster....

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