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Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by chris, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Post Your Pic

    These thread was inspired by my favorite Post Your Pic thread over at Everything Treo. A tremendous sense of community comes when folks at places like this help each other. I thought this idea by Spbumnova at ET really helped put faces to the names. So, if you feel up to it, let's start the official Post Your Pic thread here at Everything Q!

    To post your photo, simply hit the paper clip in WYSWYG menu.

    Please try and keep them at about 450-500 pixels in width.


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  2. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    And in the interest of getting things started, here is my photo.

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  3. jerryjr

    jerryjr New Member

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  4. vzwchick

    vzwchick New Member

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  5. TAG1976

    TAG1976 New Member

    :shocked: Here I Am!

    Another Crazy Saint Pat's!
  6. amiexploited

    amiexploited New Member

  7. ehty5ive

    ehty5ive New Member

    wsup everyone. my name is gary and i just recently bought my Q today still got some questions. anyways this is me and 2 friends taking a drive to santa cruz.

  8. myersguy

    myersguy New Member

    Q Pic's

    At the beach with the Q.

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  9. KidYungn

    KidYungn New Member

  10. gooberdlx

    gooberdlx New Member

    My picture

    Here I am.. in all my glory!

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  11. CodeGuy

    CodeGuy New Member

    Against my better judgement.... here it is.

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  12. Sarahbella

    Sarahbella New Member

  13. treythompson

    treythompson New Member


    Ain't I a tooty pie?

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  14. f22 lx

    f22 lx New Member

    Taken with my Q

  15. taxl

    taxl New Member


    Here is me.

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  16. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Well, this isn't me..I've already posted. Here's my kitten Pasha who looks like a relative of TaxL's cat.:happy:

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  17. taxl

    taxl New Member

    Cute, Looks like he got into trouble.
  18. arocck

    arocck New Member

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  19. VTDr0p0ut

    VTDr0p0ut New Member

    And here's me... taken with Q

  20. Moby

    Moby New Member

    Same photo

    jez, baby.

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