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  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    I've been spending a good portion of my time the past few weeks figuring out all of the particulars related to podcasting. I've made some serious strides and close to being in a real good place when it comes to delivering shows. Right now, they are limited to everythingiCafe. I'd really like to do one for everythingWM. I'm not crazy about doing a solo podcast. Once we get a few new writers, maybe someone we'll try our hand at creating a podcast for this site -- for Windows Phone 7.

    Any interest in an eWM podcast?
  2. RandomAlec

    RandomAlec Member

    I'm interested, whether it be participating or actually downloading the podcast I would definitely listen to every single one. I try to give myself an hourly dose of any and all Windows Phone 7 news whether it be via sources directly, or other means.
  3. kareljack

    kareljack Active Member

    How would we get over the different location issue?

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