Please list FREE good apps and good game

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Apps and Games' started by Htet Naing Lynn, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Please list good applications (at least u find it good) and good game (same here). Please list only those are FREE ;). I been looking for kinda like an RPG game on windows 7 mobile but I ain't encountering one yet. The game I only find quite good is Sokoban.
  2. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Member

    For movie listings and ticket purchases, I use Fandango.
    To reserve a table at a resturant, I use OpenTable. You also gain reward points.
  3. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    You can also read this thread for favorite apps.
  4. ajayden

    ajayden Member

    I use the following :
    Twitter : For tweets
    Twit : For latest tech news. The video and audio channel are real cool
    G:Rss : For RSS feeds
  5. That's still boring but thank ya all for sharing. Facebook chat is a bit lagging I think. After you login for like 5 mins and start talking, ya might need to logout and login again or like press the window button and press back again. Anyway, looking forward to seeing more apps .
  6. RobR

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    Tried this new App I found called "img news reader", basically you add RSS feeds into it and it grabs the images it finds and displays them. It has some default RSS feeds set that are pretty good that come up with some interesting pictures. Tapping on any picture gives you any information it has on it, it allows you to save any of the pictures to your phone so lately I've been using it to find interesting wallpapers. I've haven't tried it over 3G, not sure I want to, but it's pretty snappy over WiFi.
  7. I have found a few free games , find it ok.

    • balls
    • Bubble Jump
    • Bye Bye Brain (Entertaining but lite version can play only one level and completed like in 10 mins)
    • Chess4All
    • Spin Crisis
    • Traffic
    • Quadra
  8. adrianashlin

    adrianashlin New Member

    There's one that I like to browse around but it's not challenging is Svasti. It's some sort of random prediction about things, sort of like astrology, if you want to know if you have luck with friends, or with money and etc. Good when you don't want to waste braincells.

    Another one is My Comic....or Mycomic, I forgot which. You place talk balloons on the photos of your friends. This one I have more fun since I like to pester my friends and sending them talking weirdo things but well....not exactly games either. XD
  9. shilpa

    shilpa Guest

    please provides me astrology game software. which can i use in mobile.

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