Please help! Syncing with Exchange Q's!

Discussion in 'Windows PC and Moto Q' started by mrgiella, Nov 19, 2007.

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    Please help! Syncing with Exchange Q's!

    Here are some questions regarding syncing with Activesync Exchange. Thanks for any help!

    I have configured Activesync to sync with my OWA exchange server using my username/password/Domain. My employer has OWA for people traveling on laptops but also regular network outlook 2003 (with a different server name) using RPC and a proxy server (I telecommute). Am I correct to use the OWA server? I think so.

    Secondly, I added the cert from OWA from my PC to my Q and I think that solved a security problem I was having last week. I assume this is correct? I stopped getting some Microsoft security erros as a result. I can certainly access my OWA through the Q's IE, not a problem.

    However, now when I try to sync to Exchange I get the wanted "synchronizing folder" Activesync screen but then after a while a user name/password Novell LDAP request......the same exact one you get when you try to log into OWA via IE. However, the path isnt the same for the IE OWA (it has some Activesync info and phone details).

    I am wondering if the user/password request is a result of it not being enabled at the server (I think it is) or is it something I am doing incorrectly? I know I have the correct user/password.

    Any/all help woudl be great!

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