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Discussion in 'Verizon Wireless' started by runandy, Aug 29, 2007.

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    Plan Question

    I'm planning on buying a Q off of Ebay because I'm sick of my Razr, but don't want to extend my contract. I'm on the family plan w/ mobile web and unlimited in messaging. I just have a few questions.

    Will I be able to send texts and picture texts without the data charges?
    Can I browse the web / check e-mail?
    How hard is it to switch from my Razr to the Q? (I've had horrible experiences with Verizon before.) And would it cost anything?
  2. n99hockey

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    not sure about extending the contract...but i think you might

    but you can send texts but you will be charged data for pictures as on the Q it uses data
    you can use the internet and email but again you will be charged data
    you can switch to any phone without issue and it wont cost anything aside from the amount it cost you to be the phone
  3. Thosedarnpickles

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    You will no longer need the mobile web but you will want to keep the unlimited in messaging as normal txt msg rates apply. Since the Q is considered a data device, if you chose to go with no data plan (not recommended) then a picture msg will come out of your txt pkg but also be charged $.015/kb. You will be able to browse the web/check e-mail but again will be charged $.015/kb without a data package. It won't be hard to switch phones but just make sure before you buy the Q from Ebay you get the ESN from the seller and contact VZW to make sure it has never been reported lost or stolen. If it has been reported lost or stolen it is worthless to you as VZW will not let you activate it. Also, when you call to activate it, depending on what state you are in, they will try to charge you a $20 change fee but if you tell them you tried it online and it didnt work they will do it for free.

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