Pictures to a non Smartphone ?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by hernandezcar, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. hernandezcar

    hernandezcar New Member

    Pictures to a non Smartphone ?

    My wife owns a Sanyo Katana and she is able to send me pictures that she takes with her cellphone. It is nice. But I can't do the same with the Q. The only way that I found to send pictures is by mail (hotmail), Outlook Mail. When I take a pic and try to send it, it would send it on a text message which of course, it won't attach the picture that I want. How can I send a picture with out ussing the IR, or beam, or bluetooth? Thanks !!
  2. mikemcq

    mikemcq New Member

    its depends, do u have Sprint or Verizon? if you have sprint, from what i have read on this site its not possible. if you have Verizon, go to Messages=>MMS and send the pic that way. my girlfriend does not have a smartphone and i send pics to her all the time (we are both on Verizon)
  3. VTDr0p0ut

    VTDr0p0ut New Member

    Since you are using a Sanyo Katana (and posting on the sprint forum), I'll make a jump and saying you are using Sprint :).

    If you send your e-mail to <yourwifesnumber>, it will come out as picture mail.
  4. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    sending pictures to a non Smartphone is definitely possible, i do it regularly to my wife who has a (my old :} Razr. but like the previous posters already mention Sprint does not have MMS.
  5. softspirits

    softspirits Guest

    I have found that if you use the it doesn't work, just sends a normal text message - no pic. However, if you use it does send a link to the picture without a problem. It is a little bulkier than what i am used to with a a900, but still a little faster than waiting on the email.

  6. hernandezcar

    hernandezcar New Member

    Thanks !!!

    I tried to do what you said, but it doesn't work, I can't even send a e-mail from my Q, its rare that I can do it, because usually I am very good with phones, set ups and computer staff. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Thanks,,
  7. Sheri

    Sheri New Member

    I was able to send pics to my daughter's Sanyo, but for the last week it has not worked. :(
  8. _RT_

    _RT_ New Member

    Was kind of disappointed to learn that picture mail isn't an easy thing.
    Surprised they haven't fixed this yet.
  9. Sheri

    Sheri New Member

    Ok, I'm getting on my soapbox this morning. The way I see it is, we're partly to blame for some of the shortcomings. Me included! Why? Because we (consumers) accept crippled devices! If comsumers start buying and returning this stuff, I think they'd get the message! If we were in resturaunt & got a bad steak we'd return it! Right?? When are we (again, me incuded) going to realize that WE'RE in the driver's seat??!!
  10. indyx

    indyx New Member

    They haven't fixed it yet because they have no intentions of fixing it. If they did it would have already been fixed a long time ago. The lack of a proper way to send outgoing PM affects all of Sprints WM5 Smartphones, not just the Q.
  11. indyx

    indyx New Member

    Another thing that sucks about having to email pictures as an attachment to an email address like is this. The recipient simply receives a text message from "unknown sender" saying they have PM with a http link to it. They don't know who it's from unless they follow the link to the PM website. Even then all they know is the email address it was sent from. If they don't know that's your email address then they have no clue who sent it to them. For those who won't recognize your email address you have to say something in the email like "Hey it's Xxxxx" and it'll show in the pictures comments. And if it's someone you don't want to know your phones email address to bad, now they have it.

    While people with Sprint who are in the know about having to go to http:/ might not be concerned about following the link. People on other carriers (or those new to Sprint) you've sent "PM" have no idea what it is and think it's spam or some malicious attempt to get them to visit a website that'll spam them or harm their phone etc.

    Why would they risk launching some unknown website in their browser that was sent to them from "unknown sender"!?
  12. syn0s

    syn0s New Member

    OK, so heres a couple more questions:

    1. If you do use the E-Mail workaround using Vision (which I have), when it ARRIVES at the destination phone (say, T-Mobile), does it come through to THEIR phone as a regular MMS "Pix" message? Or do THEY need a data plan? Does it send them a link to the picture or does it just Pop up on their phone?

    2. Is this only WinMo Sprint phones? My wife has an LG Fusic and I wanted to know if she can use MMS Picture messaging or if she has to use the same "workaround"???

    Thanks in advance


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