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Discussion in 'Nokia Lumia 900' started by Dennis Myers, Jul 7, 2012.

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    When I first got my Lumia 900 it took nice looking photos which were in the 700 KB to 2 MB range, then I needed to upload a photo to a website that was under 90 KB so I lowered the resolution from 8 Mega Pixels took the photo and switched it back, however the photos are still in the 92 KB to 200 KB range. The photos still look O.K until you try to zoom in on something. ( I couldn't care less about file size I have tons of HDD space, I just want high quality photos)

    So I did the next logical step and restored the default settings (in the camera settings menu) but that didn't work so I restored the factory settings, but when I signed in with my "Live I.D." (which I need to do to take advantage of Skydrive etc.) it pretty much canceled out the factory reset and it still takes low quality photos.

    I figure this is my fault for not understanding the simplified settings menu (every digital camera I've owned has had a "quality setting" in the menu somewhere), so I guess my question is... Does anything besides the resolution setting change the quality so much that it would reduce the file size by 500 to 1500 KB? Every other setting is either "Normal" or "Auto".
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