Phone not syncing with Zune Pass

Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by kevin_a, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Nov 15, 2010
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    I just restored my phone after removing the sd card i had installed so I could just use the internal storage until that whole issue is resolved. Anyway, after I restored I booted up the phone, signed in with my windows live ID, and connected the phone to my computer to sync with the Zune software.

    My problem is that when I open the music app and go to the marketplace to try to play music using my Zune Pass membership, I get an error message for each song that says something like "Can't play. Try signing in with your Windows Live ID or sync again."

    I'm not sure what to do because I AM signed in with my Live account and my Zune Pass had worked on my phone before I took the SD card out. What's also strange is that when I tried to buy a song, it recognized that I had my 10 free song credits and used one of them, so it's obviously seeing that I have a zune subscription. It's just not letting me stream any music.

    Does anyone have any info about stuff like this? I just got done setting up my whole phone after the system restore, and synced all my stuff back onto it and I'd really not have to go through that again. I hope I described the problem well enough.

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    you have to drag a subscription music file to your phone while its connected to the zune software. then syncing should work.
    you also need to make sure its in the list of devices for your zune subscription
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