Phone lights up for no reason....

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by Sosly, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Sosly

    Sosly New Member

    Phone lights up for no reason....

    Does this mean that there is something running that I don't know about. Maybe something that could be draining battery? Does this happen to anyone? Phone just sits there, no text, no voice mail, no data. Just lights up every so often.
  2. heartlandex

    heartlandex New Member

    are you using a bluetooth headset? i know with mine (plantronics 510) it will from time to time disconect from the phone (drop connection) and the reconnect for no reason, when it does that my light comes on for a sec.
  3. Sosly

    Sosly New Member

    No Bluetooth

    I don't know what it's about.
  4. EmcQ

    EmcQ New Member

    mine does it all the time, dont know why, it does do it alot when searching for service. i figure its checking a server or something. i dont use bluetooth or the data plan. i got over it a long time ago
  5. .plaid

    .plaid New Member

    I live in a valley and find that I always (every time
    I look anyway) have at least one bar but never more than two. My phone, sitting idly, will light up randomly & I get the big fake-out, thinking that someone's callng.

    I chalk it up to losing/reconnecting with the strongest tower (which may not be the closest due to topography).

    Ah, the big phone call fake-out....


  6. sjcruiser36

    sjcruiser36 New Member

    I drive with my phone in the passenger seat of my car whether I'm connected to the bluetooth speaker/headset or normal mode. The phone will light up and I'll wait for a call, text, voicemail, etc to come through, but nothing. It'll go dark after a few minutes. It's happening less now that I've downloaded the MOL3 upgrade.
  7. jergo

    jergo New Member

    I know on VZW...when I went from 1X to EV, my screen would light up. It also does it when I'm receiving MMS and sometimes mail.
  8. coop5571

    coop5571 New Member

    I upgraded from the orig. Q to the Q9m and they both do it. The phones sits in front of me at my desk and I notice it lighting up from time to time. The signal (while sitting at my desk) will also switch from 1X to EV every now and then. I guess I just got used to it over time, but yes it does light up for various reasons it's nothing to worry about. I did notice that if i turn off the display with the "Display" button that the screen wouldn't randomly light up unless I actully pressed a button.

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