People/Photo Hub/Facebook sync error - and growing frustration.

Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by kareljack, Mar 18, 2011.

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    I became aware of the issue when I noticed that there were no photos in the People and Photo hubs - just little grey squares. Selecting them took me to a larger grey square then the message "Cant get picture. Try again later" My Facebook and Photo feeds still updated though.
    I then went into settings and tried to manually sync Facebook but got error code 800723ff.
    A search on the net showed that this was caused by the data connection being dropped, but this is not the case as I was able to sync my email addresses and Facebook updates from my friends were loading.
    I removed and re-added the Facebook account at least 5 times. Pulled the battery and the SIM card...all to no avail. I really don't want to reset the phone and have to reload all my apps again. I did that about a month ago because of an error with the Marketplace. If anyone has any ideas or came across this before and knows the solution it would be greatly appreciated.

    Another thing... this is something I was able to confirm - at least for my phone - when I deleted and re-entered the Facebook account. The time it takes to load the Facebook content and load a post with comments increases as time goes by. I first noticed this back in January when I got frustrated because it started to take the What's New in the People Hub over a minute to load content. On a whim I deleted the Facebook account, added it back in and lo and behold... loading content in 1 - 2 seconds. Selecting a post by one of the fan pages I follow, such as Yankees or Rangers, that had up to 90 comments loaded everything in about 4 seconds. Prior to this, loading a post with 9o comments was an exercise in frustration. I'm talking almost 2 minutes.
    Before this latest error, I felt that things were a bit slow again. Not as slow as in December, but still a bit of a delay. Now, with the Facebook account freshly entered I am again enjoying speedy load times. I just loaded a post with 99+ comments and that took only 3 seconds.
    I am worried that this is the norm. That as time goes by, loading content in the People and Photo hub will become progressively sluggish. It reminds me of WinMo 6.1 where I had to do a hard reset every 8-10 months because the system slowed to a crawl.

    So, can anyone else confirm my findings? If this is indeed the norm, then this is an issue that MS needs to know about and correct. I guess I can delete/re-enter the Facebook account every couple of months but why should I have to? It's a minor pain in the ass to go through my contacts and relink them everytime I do this.

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