PDAnet vs Internet Sharing?

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9c' started by CodyJo, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. CodyJo

    CodyJo New Member

    PDAnet vs Internet Sharing?

    Hey all! I am wondering what the benefits are of using PDAnet instead of the Internet Sharing feature that comes with the phone.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. PacoJr67

    PacoJr67 Active Member

    I used PDAnet briefly, but found that it doesn't like to work with an exchange account. But the speed that you get from ICS is generally the same as you would get from PDAnet and it works just fine.
  3. BrianFX

    BrianFX New Member

    According to PDAnet's site, you can take a phone call while not interrupting your tether connection. Whereas with ICS, you'll lose your connection even if the phone rings.
  4. sp1974

    sp1974 New Member

    If you are using internet sharing is there anyway for your carrier to detect tethering? Which is faster?
  5. CodyJo

    CodyJo New Member

    I have used Internet Sharing when my Internet is down and I have never incurred extra charges. It is just slow.
  6. BWG

    BWG Member

    I like PDANet because your phone is fully functional while connected to it. The speed kinda depends on the tower and the number of bars on the phone. I am in a rural area and I was using a Q for a while on a 1X network at about 14kbps which SUCKED!!!

    But, compared to my only alternatives... Dial Up or Satellite... It worked for me.

    Then one day I did a tower update and wallah an EVDO popped up and I get about 96kbps on 1-2 bars.

    My Q9c is way faster than my Q though. I am a little afraid to do any speed hacks. I guess that is a question for another topic.

    Ok I rambled a bit.....:embarassed:
  7. DallasStars

    DallasStars New Member

    I tried Pdanet 2.0 with the claim that you can be on a call while also using the internet, but it still didn't allow me to use internet access while on a call. It just doesn't disconnect pdanet is all. Once the call is ended I could resume internet usase.

    No different that what internet connection sharing is doing except ICS was much easier to setup using Bluetooth PAN. I had nothing but problems trying to setup my q9c using bluetooth, which never worked. (vista or xp)

    I've since uninstalled the bloat of pdanet, activesync and usb cable mess. Using sprint and no tethering charges.
  8. BrianFX

    BrianFX New Member

    Good to know! I guess there's no reason for us Q9c owners to upgrade to PDAnet then. ICS is easier, built-in, and works right out of the box. :smile:
  9. Vazguard

    Vazguard Active Member

    I used PDANet for a little while, but after trying ICS, and not receiving and charges, have only used ICS since.

    The annoying thing about PDANet is the need of a client on the computer itself, whereas with ICS once you plug it in it installs a driver and is ready to go. No need for any computer software.
  10. gnath9

    gnath9 New Member

    I'm on verizon... don't think I have a choice. PDAnet has worked good for me but, I rarely use it. My buddy uses it constantly on his desktop and has never been charged yet.
  11. helltoupee

    helltoupee New Member

    I also am on Verizon but I use ICS no problem . I am on my phone at the moment so I can be sure these directions are 100% but there are many threads about this subject . The thing you need to do is use the ICS barried in the Windows folder not the ICS icon in the start menu . Open your file tool or a registry editor like free Total Commander and open the Windows dir . You need to search for an icon that says something like InterNetCon.lnk or something like that then make a shortcut of that and drop it in your Windows/Starmenu folder I believe . I renamed it something shorter and deleted the other non working ICS icon from the start menu as not to confuse them . Hope this helps and if it was confusing like I said do a search and there are step by step guides all over this site.

    Hell Toupee from my Q9C
  12. JBK617

    JBK617 New Member

    I use ICS quite frequently, have had no issues with it. In fact using it right now. When I connect via BT it shows a connection of 2.1Mbps, not sure how accurate that is.

    My 2ยข
  13. Yoda

    Yoda New Member

    Why do u suggest using the link in the windows folder rather than the star menu?

    BTW 2mgs isnt right lol i dont know why it says that but u get around 100kbs dl depending on tower and service, but the connection isnt very stable at all like u cant tell when browsing the internet but when it comes to playing any kind of online games that show your ping/lag it will bounce between 200-300+ and back and forth.. pretty irritating..sometimes it will run steady at 200 and sometimes it just decides it wants to bounce around even if your phone has the same bars of service the whole time and isnt moving at all.
  14. bub710

    bub710 Member

    sprint has a $34 a month charge for ICS. never tested it but that is what they told me so pda net is all i use.
  15. helltoupee

    helltoupee New Member

    I suggested using the ICS in the windows file because that one and the one in the startup menu are two diffrent apps . My understanding is that the ICS burried in the /Windows file is the same that came with first generation Moto Q . I have had no problems with this method and could not get the one in the startup menu to work and am very tech savy but YMMV .

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