PCS Vision on Sprint Q???

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by tribaltalon, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. tribaltalon

    tribaltalon New Member

    PCS Vision on Sprint Q???

    have you guys noticed that if you go to settings, and go to the very last setting, there's something about the pcs vision? i wonder if there is a way to be able to watch tv through the sprint tv network since apparently pcs vision is enabled? anybody know anything on this? my GF works for sprint and she's checking on this too but nobody seems to know so far.
  2. smeg36

    smeg36 New Member

    PCS Vision is just what Sprint calls their internet. Having it enabled means you can go online. You can't watch the Sprint TV because the necessary software isn't on the Q. I personally wouldn't even if it was though because I have a Slingbox (which does work with the Q) so I can watch all my TV live.
  3. meyster

    meyster New Member

    Almost positive that I read in the sprint manual that came with the Q and on the website, that the Q does NOT work with SprintTV. The RAZR does, but I specifically remember reading that the more advance Q does not work. Haven't tried to see if I could get it to work yet, but that's what I read.
  4. mas90guru

    mas90guru New Member

    If you have unlimited PowerVision data (EVDO) - go with the Slingbox. Very cool and no monthly charge beyond the phone fees as well as the cost of the Slingbox.
  5. ZATZAi

    ZATZAi New Member

    Yep, no Sprint TV, but they have a limited lineup anyway, Slingbox or even Orb.com are an option though. I'd be interested to here from someone who has tried both Sling and Orb, and see which they prefer, specifically interested in how good the connection is with whatever compress they use.
  6. MrClean

    MrClean New Member

    I haven't seen anyone who has used Orb, but a friend of mine has a Slingbox and I was very impressed with the picture and how fast he could change channels, it reacts just like your TV. :thumbup:
  7. ZATZAi

    ZATZAi New Member

    Really? Orb is very slow to change... huh.
  8. dstudboy1

    dstudboy1 New Member

    Could I sling with a vision plan?? Can someone explain the difference between vision and powervision? I got my Q through Sprint SERO and it says I have a vision plan
  9. Csquared

    Csquared New Member

    I have the Slingbox on my Sprint Q. It works very well. I had a 700wx with the slingbox, but it is much better on the Q because you can view it full screen.
  10. weatheredphoenix

    weatheredphoenix New Member

    vision/powervision = unlimited internet plan opposed to being charged per kb.

  11. Slipperyfrog

    Slipperyfrog New Member

    The basic level Vision is CDMA 1xRTT whereas Power Vision is
    EV-DO. The biggest difference is that EV-DO is significantly
    faster, data-wise.

    Kinda like Vision=Dial-up PowerVision=Broadband

    Hope that helps.
  12. dstudboy1

    dstudboy1 New Member

    everyone says that but with my sero plan on my Q it says unlimited vision but i get the EVDO. If i have an evdo equipped phone why dont they call it powervision. Then the more important question is if my internet is covered under my vision plan
  13. Slipperyfrog

    Slipperyfrog New Member

    If you have the SERO plan don't worry about it......internet is covered.
  14. dstudboy1

    dstudboy1 New Member

    I know its covered, but it drives me crazy they call it unlimited vision if it should be called unlimited power vision. Sprint is lucky their plans are so cheap or I would have gone back to Verizon. When the CSRs cant even explain the difference to me then thats a major issue....and thats if i dont get hung up on or if i can find a CSR that can speak English
  15. Duke4062

    Duke4062 New Member

    Same thing on my acct. it says vision but from what I have found if you have a powervision phone you get powervision. Reps. checked deeper into acct. and I have powervision, it just shows up on acct. as vision.(checked a couple times independently.) Would u rather be paying vzw $40-45/month? So far cs reps. have been nothing but helpful and polite to me.:laugh2:
  16. 211655

    211655 New Member

    what abt slingbox in regular area

    ok i wanna get sling box. some questions.

    I live in an area where i dont get evdo but i get regular vision at 300k or whatever it is. my zip is 54904.

    i am looking to get this sling box:


    WIll this above slingbox work fine?

    Can i view video and audio in good quality in my area. I dont wanna spend 200$ and then find out i get choppy connection.

    Also which Slingbox is better.

    Do i need a pc always connected to slingbox or i just need it with the initial setup. Meaning, can i have the slingbox just sit on my DVR or TV? NO pc required?

    I have high speed cable internet. 400K up and 5meg down.
  17. acrowl

    acrowl New Member

    Vision= 1XRTT Data

    Power Vision= EVDO Rev 0

    Both fast when you are dealing with text. But a powervision phone has a bigger pipe to it if you are in a EVDO market. I think all Sprint markets are EVDO. They are now moving to EVDO REV A. No phone currently in the portfolio uses REV A. Just the modems.
  18. Mobile Joe

    Mobile Joe New Member

    I respectfully disagree.

    Vision = Marketing name
    Power Vision = Marketing name

    The P.V. offerings are TV, Satellite Radio, etc. None are available in Sprints lineup of Win 5 phones. Certainly not on the Q. As posted, if you go to settings on your Q, you'll see it's a Vision phone from a Sprint maketing standpoint. You certanly get EVDO speeds which have nothing to do with marketing, but with hardware.
  19. acrowl

    acrowl New Member

    Actually there is a difference. More than marketing. The power vision phones, in most cases, can act as "phone as modem". That means that they can be connected to your laptop via the USB cable. If you have downloaded the drivers to your PC operating system and have the right data plan, your phone will act as a EVDO REV0 modem. The vision phones will act like a 1XRTT modem. The advantage is the 1XRTT plans you can get away with using them without adding a higher price data plan.

    I agree somewhat in the fact that the marketing is allot of smoke and mirrors most of the time.
  20. Mobile Joe

    Mobile Joe New Member

    I respectfully disagree, again.

    There IS NO difference. My VISION Q works as an EVDO modem just fine. Your Q does also, either download the Phone As Mode software from Sprint or buy some June Fabric offering, et voilá.

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