Paint Stuff: WP7 Pictionary made in XNA

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    I have tried a few of the pictionary games and they are pretty buggy to say the least. My girlfriend was getting flustered with playing with me because of the bugs. She wanted a simple pictionary game that didn't make random lines in your drawing, that was fast, had colors, took screenshots, could undo/redo and didn't have a time limit. So I sought out to make such a game.

    I give you Paint Stuff... it has all and more of what she wanted. If your search for it doesn't come up, its because MS hasn't indexed it yet. Just look in the New section. Its not far from the top.

    The trial mode is the full game minus screenshots, minus more colors and ad supported. :] so don't think you need to spend a dime (though it would be nice if you did XD).

    Dedicated to my loving girlfriend Danielle Diaz (she loves turtles, thus the turtle theme) :)

    Zune Link:

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