Opera Mini 5 Beta

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    HTC_OH_SNAP New Member

    Opera Mini 5 Beta

    Saw this posted on xda...


    Opera Mini 5 Beta has been released!!!!

    Tried installing it on my Ozone using the Esmertec Jbed Java App and opera doesnt work.

    So, un-installed it, installed the Rose JBed ver 20080808 - found here -

    And so far so good... I think I like Opera Mini 5... we'll have to see though.

    Now just working on creating a new shortcut for it :)

    Edit - here's the shortcut to launch Mini 5 automatically, you just have to use the Rose JBed above and install it to your storage card.

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  2. Chapman

    Chapman New Member


    Which version did you use... the one 'suggested' for the UTStarcom XV6175 or one of the generics?



    HTC_OH_SNAP New Member

    I used the generic one that my browser selected...
  4. SaturnMan

    SaturnMan New Member

    Tried it too. Very fast browser and the thumbnail bookmarks function has potential, but found two annoying issues:

    1. When I type in web addresses using the Ozone keyboard, the wrong letters show up whenever I hit a letter that is also a number. For instance, when I type the "e" key on the Ozone keyboard, I'm getting a "d" on the screen. It appears that Opera (or Rose?) thinks I'm on a numeric keypad of a phone and not on a Qwerty keyboard. Anyone know how to fix that?

    2. I still don't like the fonts in the web pages in Opera Mini (noticed this on v4.2 also). They are too thin and hard to read. I've set the fonts to "largest" too in Opera to no avail. Anyone know how to get better fonts in Opera Mini?

    Back to PIE 6 for me :016:upset ...for now at least. Lots of potential for Opera Mini though if we can knock out some of the above kinks.
  5. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    Did you try...

    Did you try...going to settings/advanced and un-checking inline editing? I think the font thing is the Rose JBed...4.2 now has small font on my Q9n. Never did with the JRebeiro_Esmertec.
  6. SaturnMan

    SaturnMan New Member

    Okay, yes that worked. Disabling In-line editing now results in normal keyboard behavior on the Ozone with Opera Mini. Unfortunately, it also disabled.... in-line editing - which seemed like a nice feature. Typing in URL's without in-line editing activated seems a little awkward - but at least the keyboard now works correctly.

    Anyway, at least it's a start in the right direction. Thanks for the tip.

    Now onto those fonts... any ideas out there?
  7. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    TAO intent midlet manager will also run Mini 5

    I just installed TAO intent midlet manager on my Q9m/c (because I didn't want to remove the Esmertec version already installed) and it will run Mini 5 also. It loads Mini5 a little slower,but once loaded the speed is the same. The font can be made bigger, but it is a little fuzzy. Both Midlet managers can co-exist on the Phone.
    EDIT: Don't use TAO intent...It's giving me a lot of trouble. It gets slower and slower.
  8. kcsport

    kcsport New Member

    Nice Thank you!
  9. Cape Fisherman

    Cape Fisherman New Member

    I loaded Rose Jbed & Opera and am trying to turn off 'in-line editing' on my HTC Ozone and can't figure it out.

    Could someone please tell me where to do this? Thank you.
  10. Cape Fisherman

    Cape Fisherman New Member

    Scratch that - I figured it out.

    Ugh, is this the only way to get the Ozone to properly enter text though? It is very odd using an 'editor' to input....
  11. bitterpoet

    bitterpoet New Member

    has anyone figured out a decent way to make opera 5 the default browser?
  12. Sathanvs

    Sathanvs New Member

    Do you have to use Rose JBed? Does it need to run in order to run Opera? I have Opera on my Q9H and want to put it on my nap. Is my Q9H running Rose JBed and I just don't know?
  13. PacoJr67

    PacoJr67 Active Member

    The Q9h is running Opera mobile, not Opera Mini. Mobile is a completely different browser from Mini, but it isn't free like Opera mini is
  14. teddyearp

    teddyearp Member

    I'll bet if you looked into the Q hacks forum and got read up on doing registry edits, it could be possible. . .

    As Paco posted, there's a difference between Mobile and Mini; the latter of the two is the subject of this thread. For you to run Opera Mini on your Nap, you will need to install Jbed Rose, or another Java emulater, but JbedRose seems to work best on the Nap.

    good luck
  15. teddyearp

    teddyearp Member

    Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for the shortcut file, works fine for me on my Nap.

    For the readers, make sure you have installed JBedRose to your storage card, installed Opera mini within JBed (you will have to d/l the .jad and .jar files with your pc and xfer them to the root of your storage card) then unzip the shortcut file posted and copy the opera.lnk file contained within to windows\startmenu.
  16. mikect05

    mikect05 New Member

    Okay so I am having a similar problem I am using the jbedrose and then installing opera mini and the keys are not right...so when i disable inline editing they still don't work right. The # keys are the ones that are off for instance if i push the "F" button it comes up "J" and if i push the "T" it comes up "D" as if i am using a phone that does not have full keyboard. I would really appreciate any help.
    Oh by the way this is a HTC OZONE using WM6.1
  17. PJWren13

    PJWren13 New Member

    I've Used SkyFire and Opera Mini on the Ozone and I liked both. Does anyone know of the advantages either one holds over the other.
  18. teddyearp

    teddyearp Member

    I wish I could help more, but I'm now using a Moto A4500 Napoleon, but a previous poster in this thread using a HTC Ozone was able to fix your problems using the method you mention. Double check your settings is all I have.

    @ PJWren13: IMHO I use Opera Mini 5.0 almost exclusively, unless I find the need for flash support, then I use Skyfire. But that has become more and more rare of late. But this is coming from a Napoleon user. I sent the Ozone back as I didn't find it as good/solid as a Motorola phone, just IMO.
  19. mikect05

    mikect05 New Member

    Thank you Teddy,
    I got it to work I guess i had to restart the phone than all good. I appreciate your help and concern.
  20. Q9Nap

    Q9Nap Member

    the best app i've found to make OM the default browser is the one created by superdave of ppcgeeks. Unfortunately it doesn't work with OM 5 beta; when a link is selected, OM 5 opens to the 'enter url' page, and whether you enter something or select cancel, it loops forever until you kill jbed.

    I built superdave's app into a couple different OM installers, one that installs OM4.2 as default browser on EsmertecJbed20080222.3.1.SP.cab and one that installs OM4.2 as default browser & 5 beta on JBedRose.

    Here's the thread:


    These files were made for the Nap but they should work for any WinMo standard device i think :)

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