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Discussion in 'Windows Phone Software' started by Gharibyan, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Gharibyan

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    Online TV for Windows Mobile

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    I was trying to use SPB_Tv during long trips…
    The program is awesome, more than that, the price is quite affordable.
    But what really made me “happy” about it, is that you’ve got to pay for the upgrades, but what made it worse, was that the quantity of channels was quite limited.
    So I dug out an alternative…
    The program doesn’t weight much, it’s very flexible and provides about 800 channels, categorized by different genres (for Kids, Adult(!), Movies, Entertainment, etc) and different countries.
    I would say that it is a little moping, but that’s a matter of time, because the team is constantly developing, taking into consideration all the advices and actively consults.
    One more important notice. The program exists in 2 languages (English, Russian), but the team is making its way to extend the number of languages and make the program Multilanguage.


    * Requires internet or better WiFi connection
    * In case if the trial version expires, restart the program, and continue trying.
    * But if you are tired of flip-flopping, you can always order the license key for registration on this site:


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  2. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts Member

    Man, is THAT a sweet little program! Clean, clear, crisp picture, pretty good UI, (would be perfect with a minimum amount of tweaking). Lotsa channels, even some GREAT adult channels.

    Download of the cab was quick, installed quick, up and running in a matter of seconds.



    Using this on a Verizon Ozone running WinMo 6.1. Turned off WiFi and it works well enough with a data connection only! Video is VERY slightly choppy, but not bad enough to make it unwatchable. Audio is behind by a fraction of a second, too, but this app is totally usable over 3G!
  3. nora.brown

    nora.brown New Member

    Mobile Online TVx

    Thanks for the review, nice program! :)
  4. Gharibyan

    Gharibyan New Member

    I use with 3G. Tt's going but not very good, it's coming if your 3g is how fast, but with WiFi it's preaty cool :)
  5. Gharibyan

    Gharibyan New Member

    Avilable new version:

    * Favorite list
    * Remember last played channel
    * Made some user-friendly improvements
    * Now more easy to use with finger

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  6. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts Member

    I'd like to give some feedback, and make a few suggestions about Online TVx. First, EXCELLENT program! Better than HandiTV and SBP TV combined. Nice work.

    When using Online TVx with a non-touchscreen device, we loose some functionality, namely, favorites. Because of the non-touchscreen, we can't select a channel to add it to favorites. Might I suggest that ability in the Menu? Add to Favorites, Remove from Favorites, and play favorites, maybe? Also, we cannot use the Play or Stop symbols in the lower left corner, but adding that to the center D-pad would work for us, correct?

    Also, when you open the program, it saves the last channel I was on, as seen in the upper left corner, but the only way to play that channel is to navigate to it again from the channel list. The center button on the D-pad, or OK button, isn't functional on the homescreen, if you could make that the play/stop command, it would work fine for us WinMo Standard users.

    Is there a way to set it to a certain country and always have it open to that? Same for the Genre. So if I'm American, and all I want is the news, when I close it, it would remain set to USA and News, and next time I open it, it would still be USA and News.

    Lastly, fullscreen mode. Is it possible to make the left and right D-pad controls scroll through the other channels, either in Favorites or whatever Genre you are in? Also, in fullscreen mode, up and down on the D-pad should raise and lower volume, correct? An on-screen indicator of volume wouldn't be needed, but would be more TV like, no?

    You might also consider keyboard shortcuts for functions.

    These suggestions would not impair the program for touchscreen users, your largest purchasing group, but WOULD open up the program to non-touchscreen users as well, increasing sales.

    Thanks for the great program!
  7. Gharibyan

    Gharibyan New Member

  8. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts Member

    Tried the new version. Now way to exit fullscreen once it's activated. I now have to kill the app in Task Manager, then relaunch it, just to change channels! HUGE step backwards for us Smartphone users!

  9. Gharibyan

    Gharibyan New Member


    Hey try new version, i update to 2.1.2 work good... i have same problem in other phone, but now work good.
  10. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts Member

    Yup, they fixed it quick! Still working on my Ozone.
  11. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    Online tvx is one of the best apps i have on my phone. It isnt a free app so i cant post in the other sections but i figured i should at least give you guys a head up.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    it does full screen too
    they have a trial version and the full version is 14.99 for the mobile version but if your lucky you may be able to find the developer online somewhere and get a free key

    otherwise you can go here to get it for half price

    direct download is here

    just try it out and see for yourself

  12. jonyroger

    jonyroger New Member

    These all post is great to know about the online TV for windows mobile. In these there are so many advance facilities are there the full version is 14.99 for the mobile version but if your lucky you may be able to find the developer online somewhere and get a free key.
  13. riskybzns

    riskybzns Active Member

    jony, why post the same exact same thing as the user above you posted?

    *sniff sniff* i smell trouble
  14. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts Member

    All of a sudden, I'm getting server not responding messages, and it won't connect. Anybody else's working?
  15. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    have you updated to 3.0?

    i can watch the regular channels fine but the adult channels no longer connect
  16. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts Member

    yup, 3.0 here too, and nope, even closing and restarting doesn't let me connect, to anything :(
  17. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    hmm i sent tech support a email saturday on the issue but havent gotten a response yet
  18. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    try to access the usa channel channel 125 gudie
  19. sixbennetts

    sixbennetts Member

    yup, i can connect to that channel, so maybe this is a server thing?

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