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    OS: Windows Phone

    Game Download: Windows Phone Marketplace

    Game rule:

    Meet the epic adventure of Olinki, it will face Miquiztli, the evil high priest who wants take the Quetzalcoatl fire and master the Aztec civilization. Make the most of the intensity of this game and help the brave little hero to escape from the clutches of the high priest that will do everything possible to retain the fire. Travel to the impressive world of Aztecs, while you fight the epic battle between good and evil, the struggle between two of the greatest Aztec Gods.


    Innovator Gameplay.

    Olinki, implements a new gameplay for a "runner" that generates intensity as you've never felt in your device. Miquiztli, is using his magic to bewitch the world and thus achieve his goal, you must run, jump, avoid obstacles and confront powerful enemies, influenced by evil, which will test your skills as a player.


    Power ups

    If things get more difficult than imaginable, you can use power ups that allow you to move where it would seem impossible!


    Survival Mode.

    Think you're the best? Then try this game mode where the only obstacle is your skill. Shows who the best runner is and publish your score on Facebook to challenge your friends. Besides allowing you to earn cocoas buy power ups and special content.

    Story Mode.

    With Olinki lives a great entertainment experience. Since in Story mode will unlock every week each chapter and know the history behind the hero. Visit olinkigame on facebook and learn more about this. You will love the story mode with its 4 chapters and 50 levels, you can also unlock extra game content.



    Both survival and story mode, let you collect cacao coins that you can use in the store and buy power-ups and accessories to help you on this epic battle.

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